Monthly Archives: December 2011

Terra Noctis

Terra Noctis | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Platformer

Terra Noctis is a charm-filled platformer that’s a wonderful addition to the iOS’s lineup of games. Provided to me by publisher BulkyPix and developer Fire Fruit Forge, it immediately won me over with its graphics and music and continued to impress me with its gameplay. I should come clean and say I have a bit of a bias; I love platformers. Of course, that also means that I’ve played a lot of them, so take that for what you will. While not without a few small faults, Terra Noctis is an amazing game.

Funny Hell

Funny Hell | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Strategy

Recently Bulkypix provided me Funny Hell to review for all of you! It’s a light-hearted, simple strategy game featuring side-scrolling action. Your army marches right. The enemy army matches left. Where they meet, the armies clash! It’s simple to play with short levels and various types of goals. In addition, it’s definitely a different look at hell than normal!