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Manny Pacquiao: Pound for Pound

Manny Pacquiao: Pound for Pound for iOS | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Boxing

After boxer Manny Pacquiao was robbed of the WBO Welterweight title on June 9 by two judges who must not have been watching the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, I wanted to see Pacquiao redeemed. Because he doesn’t fight on my command, I settled for playing Manny Pacquiao: Pound for Pound on the iOS. This boxing game is presented in third-person with the camera behind Pacquiao featuring boring fight mechanics, an upgrade path that isn’t fun, and a ridiculous story.

I gave it a 2/10.

The Verge Reports on Toshiba’s Windows 8 Devices

Toshiba shows off first Windows 8 prototypes: convertibles, sliders, and tablets | The Verge
The Verge offers a nice little article on Toshiba’s new Windows 8 devices. These include a tablet that connects to a keyboard similar to the Asus Transformer as well as a tablet that slides open to reveal a keyboard. It can also slide up to look like a standard laptop.
I hope I get to beta test these.

Reaction to Nintendo’s E3 press conference

E3: Nintendo’s Press Conference and a Touch of Yesterday | Blog | Game Boyz
The bad:

  • Some ports of older titles

The good:

  • New Mario game for Wii U
  • New Mario game for 3DS
  • Wii Fit U with pedometer
  • NintendoLand amusement park game for Wii U with other Nintendo franchises as minigames
  • Moving a game (not all) from TV to gamepad
  • Zombi U, Ubisoft’s survival-horror, with real-time inventory management on gamepad while game world on TV

Jackie and Kenneth

Thanks to Jackie and Kenneth visiting, we had an eventful weekend. Friday night we went out for Korean tofu. I hadn’t had it in a few months now, so it was about time.
Delicious Ocotopus
The menu happened to list “ocotopus” as one of the possibilities. I’m not sure what an ocotopus is, but it’s now my favorite animal.
After dinner we decided to see if Mochilato was still open. It’s a mochi/gelato store. We cut through Mitsuwa, where I found this sign.
Strawberry Roll Cake
I swear, I wasn’t the only one who giggled. That looks a bit like a certain part of female anatomy, doesn’t it? Anyways, Mochilato was still open, and it was tasty. It was very packed though. The last time I had eaten there, it was a relatively new restaurant and not that popular. It’s not amazing, but it’s a fun little place.
On Saturday we went to a picnic at Corona del Mar with Jackie, Kenneth, and some of their friends. There were a couple people I knew, but no one else I knew very well.
The Return
We decided to take a break from the picnic to go out on the rocks of the jetty. gem had a bit more trouble than me, but we managed to make it to the end. My photos are here. I got to take some cool shots, which is always fun.
On Sunday, we went to Metro Pointe to watch Men in Black III. As expected, it was really fun. It had the same MIB humor and high quality as the first movie. The second movie was not as good. I saw some people complain about time travel plotholes in IMDB, and I’d like to point out that it’s Men in Black. Just enjoy the crazy humor. Will Smith’s awesome.
Afterward, we stopped by Color Me Mine to pick up our completed pieces. They wouldn’t give me the shards of the broken piece at first. Why call and let us know they’d save the pieces for us if they were going to throw them away. She eventually let us keep them though. Then we headed to Barnes & Noble where Amanda was working. We spent a few minutes catching up, which was very nice. She seems to be enjoying it there. Now I just need to find time to stop by Rich’s new store.