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Happy birthday, Anela

Anela's birthday dinner

Last week was Anela’s birthday! She was too busy on her actually birthday to do much, so gem, Anela, and I had dinner on Sunday night. We went to Gen in Tustin for delicious Korean BBQ. To pass the time, we went to both Kean Coffee and 7 Leaves Cafe. The wait was about an hour and a half, but it went by quickly while we enjoyed chatting.


gem gave Anela some macaroons with interesting flavors. She opened the French toast one and shared it with us!

The dinner itself was super tasty. We had hardly eaten that day, but we managed to put away a lot of delicious food. We did spend about two hours there, so I guess that’s no surprise.

Anela's birthday dinner

We even had dessert! I didn’t know Gen had macaroon ice cream sandwiches.

Anela's birthday dinner

I ordered the cappuccino flavor and wasn’t disappointed! I also tried the strawberry one, which was good too.

Anela's birthday dinner

We split the bill two ways, so here’s half of what we ordered. It was a really good evening!Anela's birthday dinner Korean BBQ

Look how full of meat we are.

Anela's birthday dinner

And here’s a bonus picture of Sumo.

Happy birthday, Anela!

Rude Boy, Wayzgoose, and reggae yoga

Lots of interesting things happened this weekend!

Friday night was the first screening of Rude Boy the Movie at the Frida. It follows Rudy, a Mexican-American teenager from Anaheim in 1984 who doesn’t fit in at school. He eventually finds ska and rude boys. It was a lot of fun!

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

Saturday was Wayzgoose at UCI! I walked to campus and spent a little time wandering around, taking in the festivities. It seemed a lot smaller than previous years honestly.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

The Psychology Student Association had this awesome Adventure Time booth with sweet cosplay. I had to get some tacos from them for that! I hope tons of people bought from them.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

Some people seemed to be practicing quidditch too. It wasn’t a full game, but they were definitely out there having fun. I talked with them a bit, and they seemed really cool. Quidditch sounds like a pretty fun activity, and it’s cool to see people at UCI playing! Thanks for all the info, Anteater Quidditch!

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

I’ve been going to Wayzgoose since 2007, and every year I get a shawarma from the Muslim Student Union. Yum, yum, yum. Besides the tacos and shawarma, I also had horchata, a churro, spam musubi, and a brownie. It was a delicious day.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

The 3D printing club had a booth showing some of the neat things they made. Here’s a bulbasaur.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

And here’s a squirtle. I like the bulbasaur more. I didn’t see a charmander even though charmander was clearly the best of the three.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

The anteater was pretty cool though!

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

On my walk back home, I decided to walk through Middle Earth. I stopped to take a picture from Gondolin.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

I also saw cool restrooms in Middle Earth. When I lived there, they were men’s and women’s. Now they’re both all-inclusive. Pretty cool.

Wayzgoose 2015 at UCI

I had to stop by my old dorm too. It seems weird to think that I lived there a decade ago.

Later that night I went to Sean’s reggae yoga workshop. It was a two hour yoga workshop with DJ Tory playing reggae music. It was a lot of fun. After the workshop, I went to an after party. There were a couple people I knew and a lot more that I didn’t. Everyone seemed really cool, making a really awesome night!

Weird dreams involving zombies, climbing, being robbed, and war

I had a number of interesting dreams recently about which I thought I’d write. They’re probably not very interesting to anyone else, but they’re interesting to me.


This dream came to me the night after I was playing Assassin’s Creed before bed. I was in a new city in what appeared to be a classroom. They were giving me a sort of orientation, explaining that the norm in this city was to travel by jumping from building to building and jumping into windows. For those that don’t know, Assassin’s Creed features that exact kind of moment, so it’s no surprise that I was dreaming about it.

However, there was a reason for this type of moment in the dream. The city was home not only to humans but also to zombies. The zombies weren’t very agile, so survivors simply moved higher. The first few floors of buildings were barricaded, and people lived above them. I do remember vividly that a zombie was hanging from a rail above a bed, swinging back and forth, which seems to contradict the idea that they weren’t agile. What do I know? It was a dream.

Later in the dream, moving on the ground became more normal. The zombies were slow, and one bite wasn’t enough to transmit the zombie virus (or whatever it was). You had to be critically wounded and usually killed by a zombie to turn into one, so they weren’t as big of a threat. People still resided higher in the buildings, but many would still walk between buildings.

At one point, I was at some sort of street fair getting food from a cart or stand. Someone yelled that zombies were coming, and gates were simply shut to keep them out of the area until they wandered off. One managed to graze me with his teeth, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Being robbed

Here’s a different dream! I was on my way to a theater with gem and Anela to watch a play but needed to stop by my place first. It was a small apartment, and I seemed to be really happy with it. It might have been new, but it was definitely cozy. Unfortunately, someone had broken into it. I don’t think they took a lot, but I was definitely robbed.

Above and behind my couch, there was a panel in the wall that could be opened leading to a secret room. I seemed to have been using it for storage, and I was very relieved that the burglars hadn’t found it. I have no idea what was in it.

The closet and theme park

I forgot about this one until I started writing the last one, but thinking about gem and Anela reminded me! In this dream, I was in a large, walk-in closet that was too cluttered. It was of vital importance that it become more organized for some reason. You could hang clothes on four sides, and in the center was a large table. I found that I could clean off the table, freeing up a lot of space. I guess?

Anyways, then gem urgently needed Anela and sent me to get her. She was at the theme park, which might have been a cross between Disneyland and a waterpark (get on that, Disney). I rushed over and told her to come back with me.

This dream makes less sense than the last two.


Here’s my last interesting dream. I was swimming in a huge swimming pool that was on the beach in some third-world, Middle Eastern country. The pool was built right in the sand of the beach, and the beach was absolutely huge. While I was enjoying the water with gem and Antonio, helicopters flew by and were followed with planes that began dropping bombs. We realized that the US was bombing the country, and we scrambled to get out of the water and run inland.

As we were running up the street, I realized I left my phone and wallet back on the beach. Despite gem and Antonio thinking it was a bad idea, I went back. I saw what looked like huge computer cases with the doors missing sitting on the beach. Large aircraft were dropping them onto the beach, and the sides were missing because they opened, allowing troops to emerge. These belonged to the side that was opposing the US. I was scared they were going to turn on me, but despite all the shooting, they seemed to accept me and not see me as an enemy.

I don’t remember if I found my belongings or not, but I left the beach and tried to find gem and Antonio again. After locating them, we ran down some alleys when a door in front of us suddenly opened and Alex Hurst popped out, telling us to get inside quickly.

Thanks for saving us, Alex!

Watson Adventures – The Murder at the Getty Scavenger Hunt

The Getty

Saturday I went to the Getty for a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt! gem planned the whole thing, and it was a ton of fun. Each team is given a set of clues consisting of a specific room number and a description of a work of art that includes missing information. Participants need to determine which artwork is the one referenced and then figure out the piece of information requires. At the end, you also need to figure out, from the information learned from the clues, who committed the murder and his motive.

watson adventures

gem drove Duncan, Anela, Jonathan, and me. We met her friends and some of their friends at the Getty. Here’s a photo of Anela, Jonathan, Peter, Rezwan, Richard, Duncan, me, James, Vincent, Sarah, Vivian, and gem! We had to split into two teams, and I was with gem, Jonathan, Peter, and Rezwan. With eleven total teams, we tied with two other teams for first. Unfortunately, the tie-breaker wasn’t kind to us, and we ended second. We weren’t good at guessing when the board game Clue was released. Oh well!

The Getty

After a day of hardcore detectiving, most of us went to Thai Boom for a delicious dinner. It was a fantastic meal. Better yet, it was great getting to know people over dinner. It made up for not getting to spend time with everyone during the scavenger hunt.

It was a good way to spend a Saturday.