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Welcome to Goon Holler!

Welcome to Goon Holler

Welcome to Goon Holler, a new book from Parker and Christian Jacobs, came out a few days ago, and today there was a signing at Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach. These two guys are amazing: Christian Jacobs is the frontman of The Aquabats, and Parker, his brother, is the frontman of GOGO13. They’re also responsible for The Aquabats Super Show! and Yo Gabba Gabba! (What a rad family, because their brother Tyler is one of the creators of CinemAttack!)

I forgot to add when I first posted this that I came across a really great interview with Parker Jacobs. Check it out.

An Interview with Parker Jacobs!, Anthony Sansone, 11/12/14.

Welcome to Goon Holler

Here Christian is reading the story, standing in front of the table, while Parker sits and provides voices.

Welcome to Goon Holler

Look at that turn out!

Welcome to Goon Holler

When we lined up for autographs, a kid behind us wanted to try gem’s ukulele. I think she was a little worried, and he was a little rough, but it was fine! Speaking of ukulele’s, I knew that Parker uses one in GOGO13, but I wasn’t expecting him to bring one and play it at the signing. Now that would have been cool all by itself, but in addition, there was a ukulele song with chords in the book! Super rad!

Welcome to Goon Holler

There was a family in front of us with four kids. We had a good time chatting with them. The woman was actually the singer in Los Pantalones, a band that contained a lot of people that later went on to form Save Ferris!

This is her daughter, Scarlett, who was very sweet. She looks like such a natural with gem’s ukulele. (Also, check out that awesome cats-in-space dress.

Later while we were in line, we ran into our friends Remy and Tawney who run Pizza Beat Entertainment (of It’s a Ska World). I love running into people I know from the ska scene.Welcome to Goon Holler Signing

Here I am with Tooba the hungry bigfoot (from the book) and two of the three Parker brothers! Parker told me that he and Christian are like peanut butter and chocolate. I asked how Tyler fit, and after thinking about it, he said that Tyler is the wrapper that holds them together.


Wednesday was my last day at Barnes & Noble! It felt really weird leaving. I’ve a couple dreams about the store since then. Rather than the usual dreams about making metrics, they were about strange changes to the store and how I no longer worked there. I’ll miss all the fun I had and the fantastic people.
Speaking of fantastic people though, I had a party to celebrate my new last night. Most of my friends from the area came, and I had a great time. There were a few guests who hadn’t hung out with me outside of work before, which is always cool. I also got to catch up with Patrick whom I hadn’t seen in years. I climbed a tree at one point, hopped across a field on one foot, and hung out at Katy’s house for the first time. It was definitely an awesome night.
Monday’s my first day at Toshiba. I’m nervous but also looking forward to it!


I’m off of work, and Andy’s giving me a ride home. Pretty tired. Inventory was easier than a normal shift though. Just later. Rich asked if we were gonna play WoW when we got home.
Gonna sleep. Or maybe play Pok

Head Cashier

Today was my first day of training as a head cashier! I was pretty nervous, but it went alright! I was scared about dealing with customers and people, but after one day of training, I’m now much more nervous about forgetting to do something or screwing something up “behind the scenes” so to speak. But it’s really great to be able to correct minor things easily.
I did a bunch of returns without any problems, and even refused a return without too much of a fuss. Amanda pointed it out as my first refusal! 🙂 It was also kind of exciting to answer the HC phone for a change. Now I’m on the other side of it. There was also a customer that purchased a $9.99 book for $60-something because it rang up wrong. It was nice to be able to fix that myself.
I just wish I wasn’t feeling so sick for this. I took cold medicine all day, and luckily for me, Rich had cough drops. I don’t know why I didn’t think of buying some.

Old Man’s War Movie Confirmed

Paramount Buys ‘Old Man’s War’ For Wolfgang Petersen And Scott Stuber – via The Whatever

Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to the John Scalzi novel series Old Man’s War, with Wolfgang Petersen attached to direct and David Self adapting the tale into a large-scale science fiction project.

OMG! Yes! This news is way too amazing. John Scalzi is easily my favorite still-writing science fiction author, and Old Man’s War is an amazing book. Maybe our BN will finally carry it if they make it into a movie. Why we carry the sequels, The Ghost Brigade, The Last Colony, and Zoe’s Tale, without carrying the first book in the series boggles me.
Old Man’s War is about mankind’s battle for territory far from its original homeworld, Earth. Unlike most science fiction settings in which Earth is humanity’s capital, the Colonial Union uses planet Phoenix as its capital, getting new people from Earth while keeping the nations of Earth largely in the dark about how technologically advanced it really is. The Colonial Defense Force uses senior citizens for its soldiers, transferring their minds into genetically-engineered super-soldiers.
It’s going to be a sweet movie.

Oh, Fictitious Supreme Being

Hey Barnes and Noble customers! Ready for your entertainment fix? Come downstairs to the newsstand and check out People Yearbook 2011, 100 Greatest Sports Movies, the Oscars issue of Entertainment Weekly, and many more great entertainment magazines! They’re all downstairs in the newsstand.

Kill me.

Poison Lady

Allow me to whisk you away to a strange world where doctors and lawyers are out to get you. I wish this was a fictional encounter; While I am paraphrasing, this conversation did take place.
A woman approaches me as any normal customer would.
“There are people that pose as doctors and lawyers and social workers, and they follow me, but they’re not really those people,” she exclaims in a slightly panicking voice. “I’ll call the cops on you if you’re with them. You’re not with them are you? I need security or something. Those people follow me everywhere and harass me!”
“…uh huh,” I stupidly respond in place of running.
“They say that I harass others, but I don’t! Really they’re the ones who are harassing me! And sometimes they try to illegally drug me! They try to give me the drugs. I’ll call the cops! They follow me and harass me!”
“Oh, wow,” I reply.
“One time during therapy they slipped drugs into my foods. They won’t leave me alone,” she continues. “They follow me around pretending to be doctors and lawyers, and they try to drug me!”
“Wow, that’s terrible.”
“Do you want the proof I have? I can show you papers I have with their signatures on it! The signatures of my family! It shows what’s happening!” She pulls out some slips from pieces of registered mail. “I won’t actually show you their names, of course!” And of course, they’re not proof of anything except that she had some mail.
“Yeah and they won’t leave me alone. They chase me and try to drug me!”
“That’s really terrible.”
“They even tried to poison me. Is my drink poisoned?” She holds out her drink from our cafe to me. “Can you check it for poison?”
“I don’t really know how to do that, but it looks okay to me.”
“Maybe you could get security for me.”
“Um, I could call a manager,” I reply. “But I can’t really call security.”
“No, no, I don’t like bothering people. You know what I mean? I don’t want to make people go out of their way or anything.” Yeah, sure you don’t.
“Well, I don’t mind calling my manager.”
“Can you just assure me that my drink is poison? Can you assure me?”
“I don’t think there’s any poison in your drink.”
“But can you assure me?! Can you promise me that no one slipped any drugs or poison in my drink? Can you assure me? There aren’t any drugs? Can you assure me?”
“I can assure you I didn’t. I don’t see how anyone could have reached your drink, and the people in our cafe wouldn’t do that to your drink,” I reply.
She looks a little relieved. “Okay, thanks. But if I find drugs or poison in my drink, I’ll call the police! And I’ll sue you! I’ll call the police! If there’s poison, I’ll call the police!” She seems to repeat herself a lot. “I’m going to go sit down in the cafe and enjoy my coffee, but I’m going to call the police if you try to follow me or drug me or poison me!”
She finally walks away.
And she had a horrible camel toe.

Various Things

Hello world!
Today felt like a good day for the most part! That’s always a plus. The store was super busy for a while, and I spent a while in music. Things went fairly well though, which is always a confidence boost.
I played Agricola a few days ago with some friends. It’s a board game focused on farming with the goal of having a balanced farm. I scored 25 while my friends scored in the 40s. Oh well! Next time I might actually know how to play, because I didn’t grok it until a couple hours into it.
I finished Daredevil Visionaries – Frank Miller Vol. 2, collecting issues #168-182, which was really good. I never realized how totally awesome Daredevil was, and I can thank Kyle at work for getting me interested.
Lately I’ve felt in the mood to watch some movies or television but wasn’t sure what to watch. I prefer funny over serious usually, and the only thing funny I still had was Sex and the City. I watched two episodes and thought it was pretty bad. I think it’s supposed to be empowering towards women, but the show trivializes sex. Then last night I started asking for suggestions for movies and watching more Sex and the City. Three more episodes into the series, and I think I’m liking it, although I dislike how it portrays sex. I know, that’s kind of weird considering that’s what the show is about.
Anyways, recommended movies were But I’m a Cheerleader, Little Miss Sunshine, My Best Friend’s Girl, Couples Retreat, and Private Benjamin. I had seen the first two but not the last three, so I’m going to try to watch those soon. (Side note: After getting the recommendations, I claimed that I thought Little Miss Sunshine was okay. And just now I checked my movie log, and I gave it a 10/10. It doesn’t seem to hold up in my memory, but I must have enjoyed it a lot when I watched it. Odd.) Today when Andy found out that I had watched more Sex and the City, he gave me a stack of DVDs – Social Network, Archer Season One, Community Season One, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season One, and Inception. I’ve already seen Inception, but the rest I want to see. I wasn’t too interested in the Social Network, but everyone keeps raving about it, so I’ll give it a go.
So what did I watch? Well, tonight I actually watched But I’m a Cheerleader. Every other time I’ve watched it, it was on television and I was interrupted, so I wanted to watch it straight through. Evening though I knew where the story was going, I still felt kind of sick about some of the shit in the beginning. But then love blossoms and it’s okay. I like that movie a lot, and it’s also important to me because of the circumstances surrounding it when I first saw it in high school.
And last night I hit level 85 in World of Warcraft. Now to grind dungeons so I can start grinding heroics so I can raid!
Edit: Been using Tumblr even more. Damn it. Also logged into Deviant Art for the first time in years. Over 9000 (*giggle) notifications.

Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas Eve was busy at work, but it wasn’t anywhere near as busy to me as it was on the 23rd. That’s good and bad though. For some reason, I was more into it the previous day. After work, I found that my friend was also doing nothing that night, so I invited him over to hang out with my roommate and me. We drank some beers, played Donkey Kong Jenga, and watched Star Wars and Harold & Kumar 2. It’s good to hang out once in a while, and I had a lot of time. It was a much more fun way to spend Christmas Eve and the start of Christmas Day than usual.

On the 25th I went to my mom’s house. For Christmas my family gave me some money to pay some bills. That’s good, because I have a lot of bills. I also got some hand sanitizer, a pen, some candy, and some gum. Yay! It was super noisy all day with loud movies and some family yelling (along with the kids), so I escaped into Pete’s office to work quietly. I managed to write my review of ProtoGalaxy, a pretty cool arcade shooter.
There was a lot of terrific food! We had a buffet set up for most of the day. Look, food:

  • Lox, bagel crisps, cream cheese, capers
  • Minestrone
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Three types of cookies
  • Salami, cheese, and bread
  • Popcorn
  • Marshmallows (I guess? I didn’t see them)
  • Other tasty stuff

And then for dinner we had filet mignon and vegies! I was pretty damn full by the end of the day. Now today I’m looking forward to removing all the Christmas magazines, taking care of the newspapers, and zoning. I’m looking forward to it.

Busy Day

I haven’t really written here in a while. I might link to something or post a photograph, but it’s been a while for actual writing. I don’t think I even posted about getting newsstand lead position. Anyways, today was an exciting day at work. We had a very, very good night from a store standpoint. I expected that to be bad for me personally, but it was pretty exciting. I also enjoy being treated like I matter by the “higher ups,” which I have been lately. It’s a nice place to work. It’s also interesting to socialize with a large group of people who all know each other. It’s almost like high school or the dorms. I’ve been used to having disjoint groups of friends – not a “group.”
Christmas is almost here! I’m not seeing family Christmas Eve like I usually do because I work that day. It’ll be nice to go home and relax rather than feel the stress though. On Christmas day I’ll go to my mom’s. I already got my gift from them – money, which went straight to bills. You know, I owe $35k? At my current rate of pay, I’d have to work over 150 days straight (and I’m not calculating overtime here), 24 hours per day to make that much money.
I’ve been feeling pensive lately. I’m not really sure what about. Or rather, the ideas aren’t fully formed, and I wouldn’t want to talk about them in an open environment like a blog. Still, I suppose I wanted to share the fact that I don’t want to share!
So! Back on track, even though I clearly was never on a track at all. I’m not a damn train. Work was exciting. In just a couple days I’ll be able to actually zone the newsstand and get rid of all those damn Christmas magazines. I dream about magazines. Evil. Pure evil. But I’m pretty thankful, not that it’s Thanksgiving, for the people at work that especially make my day better. Not that I’m naming names. And not that they read this, because WebPageless usually gets 2-3 hits per day, and they’re usually me from my computer and phone.
Oh, and today I found two women standing in front of men’s and lifestyles magazines, holding up an open Playboy in front of their faces while reading in plain of sight of anyone who happened to be near, including children. Odd.

Downstairs Nook Sale

Today I was scheduled as a cashier downstairs. Things were going fairly well except that I was asked to gift wrap but sucked at it. Near the end of my shift, the downstairs customer service person was on break, and someone was looking at Nook cases. I talked to her and ended up making the sale despite being as far from the Nook desk as I could be in the store. It was pretty cool!

Nook, Eragon, and a Better Customer Service Shift

Today I had another customer service shift. It went a lot better than yesterday’s. I guess I’m just getting more used to it. Customers actually had issues I could help with today, which is always nice. I got off at 1:30 and then ate in the cafe. While I ate, I read Gears of War: Anvil Gate for a couple hours before deciding to check some things out. I got a Nook (so I could finish Anvil Gate and maybe read The Windup Girl) and Eragon.
And I also heard about a cool looking game called Munchkin! I want to play it!

Customer Service

Last night I worked customer service for a while. And I covered music twice. It was pretty horrible. It was overwhelming doing a bunch of new things all at once. Also, no one I knew was around. I closed, and the computers went down before I could punch out. I had to log it by hand.
It’s cold and rainy today. Normally I like the rain, but it’s not so desirable when waiting at a bus stop. It’s a bit warmer on the bus at least. I couldn’t find my headphones, so no podcasts for me, but I’m reading a Star Wars book on my phone. Okay, time to go read more.


I had a good day at work today. I really like all my coworkers. I talked a bit with the person working customer service near where i was working the Nook counter, and I found out that Keith, my manager, had similar taste in novels as me. Lots of people were interested in the Nook today, too. Best of all, I sold one! They really push selling Nooks and selling membership cards if working cash/wrap, and I had never sold either. I’m really glad and relieved to have sold one! The buyer was a woman who was buying for her 88 year old WW2 vet father. He was very against getting it at first, but he came around eventually (even though it was while I was setting it up – after she had already paid for it). Good day! =D


I had a fun day at work today. I picked up my paycheck and worked at the cash regster most of the day. I did some stickering but mostly stayed up front with Jason and John. Jason talked to and helped me quite a bit. He’s pretty cool.
Before work I listened to the Joystiq Podcast and had a turkey, chipotle, and cheese sandwich and pepsi. And after I got off work? Pizza pretzel and pepsi! I’m listening to the Joystiq Podcast too!

Cashier Training, Alice, Larysa, First House

Today was my cash wrap training at Barnes & Noble. They actually put the register into a training mode and allow new hires to go through various sample encounters. It’s a pretty cool way to get people used to the system. Getting to try out the system is much better than jumping into it like Albertson’s made people. After I finished training, I got to actually work the register for a while. Friday is Nook training, and then I start real shifts next week.
In the evening I went to dinner with gem. The waitress was very familiar, but I couldn’t recall how I knew her. Then she brought it up as well, and she realized we had a mutual friend – Allison. She was Allison’s friend Alice, who I’d met multiple times. It was pretty cool because we weren’t super close to home or anything. It’s not like we’re close friends or anything, but it was cool to run into her and talk.
We also went to Larysa’s house in San Juan Capistrano. It was incredibly dark in her neighborhood. A stupid rabbit tried to get itself killed by running out in front of us! Anyways, Larysa’s cat was super friendly and loves to be pet, so we spent a long time petting him. He loves shoes, which was a little weird. He sniffed and licked our shoes that we left in front of the door. Then he rolled around on them, chewing on them at the same time. Weird, but cute! I realized that I lived very close to Larysa’s house when I a newborn through four years old, so we found my old house. I didn’t really remember any of it, but the hill in front seemed vaguely familiar (except much smaller in actuality).
Action packed day!


I am now a Bookseller at Barnes & Noble! Today was technically my second day of work, although I’m still doing training. I did straighten some books on a few shelves though! Yay! I really like the people I’ve met so far, and I keep seeing things that interest me. It’s too bad there are so many good books. Also, I wish I didn’t like their e-book reader so much. The food at the cafe is pretty tasty, and I get 50% off there. Yes, I think that’s the biggest perk.
Sadly, I don’t know how much I make yet!