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May dreams

When I wake up and remember bits of dreams, I like to jot them down in my phone. Here’s what I can make out. Each bullet point is a different dream.

  • I was at a church in which there were a lot of books. It might have also been a library. One kid got Heinlein, Dan Simmons, and some other book with which I was impressed. He tried to give me a book, and I wasn’t sure if it was a library book or one he owned himself. It was a choose your own adventure with robots and cut outs. Then gem needed help with something and talked to my boss. And then I have “Tara Ska Half past two electronic.” Did Half Past Two play at the church/library?
  • I was taking prospector home buyers through my grandparents’ old house while holding Henley, but Henley was a young infant.
  • While working as a cashier at Albertsons, a man bought cheese, meat, and bread and then asked me to make him a sandwich.
  • I was playing a zombie dince game in which each player controls zombies of a particular color with the goal of coverting people to zombies of their color. It was a commentary on racial crime.
  • Edward and I played arcade games.
  • It was the middle of the night. I was about to go to a concert. There was water and a beach ball. I was with a close friend, and someone I kind of knew kept hitting the ball my way. I thought about Snapchat.
  • Someone I knew (and I do remember who it was in the dream as well) was standing over my bed telling he was broke. He was speaking very quietly, and his voice sounded pleading. He grabbed my wrists, and I struggled to understand. I thought it was real. What was scary and infuriating was that I thought this person had just come over and come into my room while I was sleeping. I moved my hands through his arms in an effort to see if they were real, and they passed right through. I was convinced he wasn’t real, and he disappeared. Next I looked around my room but was still unable to get up or move for a good 10 minutes of what I believe is real time. Ugh.
  • There was a lizard in the room.
  • I could fly, and someone seemed to be after me. I was flying near tall building, and many of them had terraces, rooftop areas that were easily accessible, etc. I got curious and landed on one of the terraces, looking into windows and walking right into the kitchen of some nice restaurant.
  • “so many spider men.” I vaguely remember this – everyone was Spider-Man basically. I think there were apartments or something, and one of the Spider-Men was the real Spider-Man. UPDATE! Man, Duncan remembered part of this dream that I mentioned. The police were trying to arrest the real Spider-Man but couldn’t figure out who was the real one. Nice.
  • Here are my notes. “Killed people?” “Immortal” “Waiting to see those people again later” “Trying to text them using borrowed phone” I don’t actually remember this one.
  • I was at the airport, and David (from Friends) was there, just back from Minsk. He was desperately trying to win back Phoebe.
  • This is a bad one. Someone tortured a rabbit but left it alive. They cut off its ears and mutilated it. Next they pulled the stuffing out of a stuffed giraffe and put the rabbit inside – a mutilated living rabbit in a stuffed giraffe suit. He pulled out the eyes of the stuffed animal so the rabbit could see out. I seemed aware in the dream that this was to torture it even more. Finally he gave it to a dog as a chew toy. Disgusting.
  • I was going back to UCI and wanted to room with gem and Antonio. I found what I thought was my room, and I was apparently rooming with Eric (who lived in my suite when I lived in the dorms). However, I was mistaken. Then I got punched. Eventually I found my room, and I had a woman for a roommate, which surprised me. gem and Antonio were each in separate rooms.
  • I was at a British wholesale store, and someone was with me. He said he could get me a card. Suddenly some people show up with guns. These appeared to be normal civilians. Next some guys called the militia, but then both the militia and the first group are pointing their guns at the normal people. I realized they were in cahoots and that something was wrong (yeah, go figure). I sneaked out with some others, but we were being chased. While I was running, I ran into an actual bear that seemed super angry. I gave the bear my bag, and he got happy. Then he wanted a hug, so I gave him a hug and took a selfie. Then I kept running, and suddenly I was running with James and gem.
  • This one had something to do with Barnes & Noble. First Melissa was there, and then I was with someone else who was talking about a guy she liked. I was surprised and asked about her husband, but she said he died in a car accident. I got home, and gem was there. Apparently we lived in the same house.

Weird dreams involving zombies, climbing, being robbed, and war

I had a number of interesting dreams recently about which I thought I’d write. They’re probably not very interesting to anyone else, but they’re interesting to me.


This dream came to me the night after I was playing Assassin’s Creed before bed. I was in a new city in what appeared to be a classroom. They were giving me a sort of orientation, explaining that the norm in this city was to travel by jumping from building to building and jumping into windows. For those that don’t know, Assassin’s Creed features that exact kind of moment, so it’s no surprise that I was dreaming about it.

However, there was a reason for this type of moment in the dream. The city was home not only to humans but also to zombies. The zombies weren’t very agile, so survivors simply moved higher. The first few floors of buildings were barricaded, and people lived above them. I do remember vividly that a zombie was hanging from a rail above a bed, swinging back and forth, which seems to contradict the idea that they weren’t agile. What do I know? It was a dream.

Later in the dream, moving on the ground became more normal. The zombies were slow, and one bite wasn’t enough to transmit the zombie virus (or whatever it was). You had to be critically wounded and usually killed by a zombie to turn into one, so they weren’t as big of a threat. People still resided higher in the buildings, but many would still walk between buildings.

At one point, I was at some sort of street fair getting food from a cart or stand. Someone yelled that zombies were coming, and gates were simply shut to keep them out of the area until they wandered off. One managed to graze me with his teeth, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Being robbed

Here’s a different dream! I was on my way to a theater with gem and Anela to watch a play but needed to stop by my place first. It was a small apartment, and I seemed to be really happy with it. It might have been new, but it was definitely cozy. Unfortunately, someone had broken into it. I don’t think they took a lot, but I was definitely robbed.

Above and behind my couch, there was a panel in the wall that could be opened leading to a secret room. I seemed to have been using it for storage, and I was very relieved that the burglars hadn’t found it. I have no idea what was in it.

The closet and theme park

I forgot about this one until I started writing the last one, but thinking about gem and Anela reminded me! In this dream, I was in a large, walk-in closet that was too cluttered. It was of vital importance that it become more organized for some reason. You could hang clothes on four sides, and in the center was a large table. I found that I could clean off the table, freeing up a lot of space. I guess?

Anyways, then gem urgently needed Anela and sent me to get her. She was at the theme park, which might have been a cross between Disneyland and a waterpark (get on that, Disney). I rushed over and told her to come back with me.

This dream makes less sense than the last two.


Here’s my last interesting dream. I was swimming in a huge swimming pool that was on the beach in some third-world, Middle Eastern country. The pool was built right in the sand of the beach, and the beach was absolutely huge. While I was enjoying the water with gem and Antonio, helicopters flew by and were followed with planes that began dropping bombs. We realized that the US was bombing the country, and we scrambled to get out of the water and run inland.

As we were running up the street, I realized I left my phone and wallet back on the beach. Despite gem and Antonio thinking it was a bad idea, I went back. I saw what looked like huge computer cases with the doors missing sitting on the beach. Large aircraft were dropping them onto the beach, and the sides were missing because they opened, allowing troops to emerge. These belonged to the side that was opposing the US. I was scared they were going to turn on me, but despite all the shooting, they seemed to accept me and not see me as an enemy.

I don’t remember if I found my belongings or not, but I left the beach and tried to find gem and Antonio again. After locating them, we ran down some alleys when a door in front of us suddenly opened and Alex Hurst popped out, telling us to get inside quickly.

Thanks for saving us, Alex!

Dream: Tony Stark

I had a dream that I was at someone’s house talking to a person whom I knew but who didn’t know me. I also talked to his dog, Einstein. I knew him because I had already experienced this day but was repeating it. For some reason, this didn’t alarm me.

I was convincing him that we had to join forces because I was actually Iron Man. I told him that I was Tony Stark, but even in the dream, I think Tony Stark was more character than real person.

Then I went to the park, and I think I was controlling someone else like a video game.

I didn’t get to actually be in an Iron Man suit or do anything super cool unfortunately, but it was still an odd dream. I guess it was Iron Man x Back to the Future x Groundhog Day x Gamer. That’d be a great movie, by the way.

Friends, Dreams

Two of my roommates left for a cruise yesterday! Hopefully Sumo and Angel don’t poop everywhere. The house ended up full anyways because Andy, gem and I had some friends over last night. Nicole and Blair came over and hung out for a few hours. We didn’t really do much, but I had a great night. Hopefully they did too! gem made spinach/artichoke dip that was super thick. It tasted good even if it wasn’t very dippy.
Then last night I had a weird dream. I was in a tall hotel, and I think we were about to leave. Then I went to balcony and there was some joke-filled (I just checked a dictionary for adjective forms of joke, oh god) discussion of urinating from a balcony. Don’t worry, we didn’t do it. Then I heard a bunch of yelling. Apparently my dog, Nina (who was my childhood dog in actuality) had mounted some other guys dog and was going at it. Apparently they were convinced Nina was going to impregnate their dog. I think this would be quite a feat for my female dog that hated other dogs, but I was unfazed in the dream. This was taking place in some sort of roofless super balcony that connected two buildings. The angry guy was huge and scary, but we argued and it got physical anyways. And then I just walked away and went inside. Nicole had a VHS tape that she wanted to watch of cartoons. I remember thinking that using VHS tapes was weird, but I watched regardless. I can’t remember a thing about the cartoon. Then we were reminded that we all had to leave, so we hurried out of the hotel. (That’s the end now.)

Video Games, Robots, Soda and More

Last night I actually went to bed at 10 and got 10 hours of sleep. I don’t know what made me go to bed so early, but I had some interesting dreams.

First, I was in some video game in which the red team was playing against the green team. There was a score at the top, and the first team to reach a predetermined number of points would win. I don’t know how the score was on the “top” because I was in the game; there was no screen. Anyways, you got points for making kills, getting people to enlist in the military, and causing explosions (with cars, I think). There was also some way to get combo points if you cause an explosion correctly and then get someone to enlist.
First, I managed to get somebody to enlist. Then I continued walking. As I walked from town to town like in Pokemon, I came across a place with lots of videogame themed stuff. In the RA’s (yeah, I don’t know) window were Mario toys. Then I found the town’s video game archive. It was huge! I remember specifically seeing the entire Diablo series and Earthworm Jim, although I remember being impressed they they had every major release. After talking to the person who ran it, I found that I could sign up to play and borrow the games without living in the town. I was excited!
In my next dream, Robert, the older brother from Everybody Loves Raymond, was a robot. He was kind of dumb and incompetent, so the woman who owned him wanted to upgrade/fix him. This reminds me of Gir from Invader Zim. She upgraded him, and then he made her some tea. She was worried that he might be evil now, so she asked him to try it first. I guess robots can drink and be poisoned. He was standing on the opposite side of a pit. Both sides had large rails. He extended his robot arms across and took the cup of tea. Then the cup was absorbed into his arms. His arms retracted, and then the cup emerged. He drank it an was fine. Then it was discovered that the computer that reprogrammed him was evil. We needed to destroy it! Apparently it was a video game. I went with Robert to kill it. The fight was a light gun battle with the computer plugged into the tv. I had the Super Scope. Robert was worried that he didn’t have a light gun. After I told him to concentrate, his hand turned into an NES Zapper. Somehow the computer was able to shoot at us through the tv. Luckily, we defeated her. Robert and I were very excited! Also defeating the “boss” unlocked additional modes for Antonio. It was here that Robert turned into Antonio.
In another dream, I was with my dad at a convenience store attempting to buy soda and some sort of creme pie snacks. Outside of the dream I also want to buy both these things, so that must be why I was dreaming about it. I couldn’t find the snacks, and they didn’t have any of the sodas I wanted. I was looking for Cherry Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi, Coke, or Dr. Pepper (my priority was cherry), but they didn’t have any.
In another dream I had two different Starbucks locations in my phone for some reason. There was also something about going back to a hotel/restaurant I had been at before because they remembered me. My mom thought this was a good idea. Then she wanted to know where I wanted to be dropped off, and I said that Carl’s Jr. would be fine.
Okay, that’s all I can remember now.

Secret Scarlet Monastery Room Dream

This morning I had a dream in which element of World of Warcraft existed in real life. I was exploring SM with gem when we discovered a secret door. It took us to a new part of the dungeon. It was a very large room with smaller rooms inside. The large was the size of a convention hall, and the smaller rooms were sort of like cubicles. It was really scary, but I’m not sure why. There were large doors/furnaces all around. There was some sort of creature that could possess the doors/furnaces and reach out from them. It could only possess one at a time, and it was looking for us. gem wanted to stay, but I was scared so I ran out and dragged her with me.
Later I had trouble looking for my car, and Antonio agreed to drive me to my car. We talked about the dungeon I found, and he said it was a secret dungeon and that I could have solo’d it.

Hiding Underground

Last night I had an interesting dream. There was a catastrophe that triggered aliens / monsters attacking the human race. After the catastrophe, which I can’t remember the details), these monsters were found living on Earth and began to attack. I don’t know where they came from. There were different types of monsters: The two I remember were gerbil-like monsters and monsters that were like humans but were hunched over, had large claws, and were smaller. They were also a dark brown and had leathery skin. For some reason, humans were forced to move into underground cities. Somehow I had experienced this all previously. After some amount of time I’d wake up right before the catastrophe and continually live the same time period. Regardless, in the dream I think it was my final experience. I wasn’t going to relive them anymore.

There was an elevator that went down into our underground city. Residences were much smaller than full houses, but people still had private places to live with their families. We also had running water, although we used public restrooms and showers. The tunnels were actually dug out of dirt, so there was dirt on all sides, although we still had security doors and similar things. At one point I fought some sort of boss. I opened a glass sliding door, pressed my laser rifle up to the screen door, and shot at the boss, winning. I think he may have given up. I was also sitting on a bed with another guy when I was told to defeat him because he was a boss. I jumped at him, punching, but he said he didn’t want to do this anymore. We became friends!
Then I noticed that I must have been in my mom’s room because I saw a stack of books of hers that I recognized including one that was mine, Star Fox (which is not a real book). Then I was talking to a girl around my age who was a friend of mine. She took the manual to something from me because she wanted to write to me in it. Then I went to a meeting to discuss what to do because the monsters had found our city. While in the meeting, the little gerbil monsters came in through the open door. We killed them, but I don’t remember how exactly. Then one of the humanoid ones attacked. Those were the bigger threat. Leading out of the room we were in was a straight tunnel with a sliding, metal security door at the entrance to the room. We saw his arm extend from the wall right on the other side of the open door. I guess he was reaching out from within the wall. Anyways he reached in to the room, clawing, and we pulled the security door shut, cutting off his hand. We heard him retreat in pain. For some reason, we didn’t seem concerned with the fact that there must be an enemy tunnel connecting to our tunnel now.
We went back to discussing what to do, and I wanted to know if there were other human cities underground. I was informed that there were, but ours was the largest. Others had escaped underground, but there were no other full-scale cities underground like ours. As we were leaving, I noticed an iPhone on a table next to a recliner in which my great-grandmother was sitting. I asked if it was my phone, and she got mad at me because she thought I said her chair was mine. I checked the phone, and it wasn’t mine. Then I began to make my way back to my room when I awoke.

Peter’s Dream

Last night I had a dream in which I met Bob, maker of Bob’s Game. I told him how I thought the way he promoted his game was really interested and that I was looking forward to playing it. I asked him when it was coming out and if he was planning on releasing it as DS homebrew, but Bob seemed very evasive. He said that he wasn’t releasing it and that no one could play it except people he knew personally. I’m not sure if I tried to convince him to let me play it or if I only thought about it. It’s hard to distinguish between thought and speech in dreams sometimes. He later revealed that he had created a development studio consisting solely of himself and got financial backing so he could qualify as an official developer. In the dream I didn’t think it was strange that he would do that, which goes against what he’s expressing in the game.

Then we were in a GameStop, where we might have been all along. I talked to the guy working there about how most people seem to hate GameStop but that I like to come in and talk about games. Then I expressed my desire to have a place that was like a gamer’s pub. I suppose I want there to be a place like an arcade but not with arcade games necessarily(or at least not like current arcades with racing, fighting, and shooting games only). The GameStop employee and Bob agreed with me. Then Bob decided to take a shower. There was a shower right in the store separated only by a shower curtain. I found it quite strange.

Michael’s Dream

Michael had a dream in which we were discussing sexual things we thought were hot. Apparently I said “It’d be hot if you were screwing a girl, and then you just pulled out a knife, stabbed her and killed her.”
He replied with “uh, I guess… But I dunno…”
Then I said “ah, come on guys. It’d be hot.”
Weird dream.

Merlin, Chronicles of Amber

This dream was basically based on some books I’ve been reading. You can skip the next paragraph if you want to see my comments on the books without reading my dream.
I had a dream the other night that my father (who was not my real father) was going away on business to either Egypt or Las Vegas. We (some friends and I) wanted to go with him so we cast a spell on our car to follow him. My friend wanted a girl across the street to come too so I called her and invited her, which was weird because I hated her roommate. She said okay. When it was time to leave, the car started flying to the place my dad was at. When we got there, we found the place to be really cool, and we wanted to be able to come back to it but knew we wouldn’t remember nor be able to get to it easily. I had an idea. I went to the library to talk to Merlin so he could make me a trump of the place. I started yelling out his name, realizing that most people would think I was crazy and talking about the fictional Merlin from King Arthur, etc, not the real one (who is, indeed, fictional). I couldn’t find him, but some fat little kid started making fun of me, saying that Merlin wasn’t real and magic didn’t exist. I floated in the air and choked him without touching him until he cried. And that was the end of the dream.
I guess I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the novels. The Amber Chronicles, starting with The Nine Princes In Amber by Roger Zelazny. It’s a ten book series with two five book cycles (one being the original and the other written at a later time) about Amber, the one true city. Amber casts shadows, which are basically dimensions. For instance, we live in shadow. The series is about the royal family of Amber who have the ability to walk through shadow. There’s a lot of magic artifacts in it, magic casting in the second cycle, plotting, family intrigue, back stabbing, and a hell of a lot of sword fighting. It’s very good if you like sci-fi / fantasy. All ten novels can be found in The Great Book of Amber.

Dream the Other Night

I had an interesting dream the other night. I was at some sort of school / corporation where I studied / worked. It was early in the morning, around dawn, and some friends and I were breaking into a neighboring building / business. We were trying to steal some information, I think. I’m not sure. People began to show up for work there though so we attempted to act like we belonged there and to walk out. It worked. Outside there were a lot of alleys and stairs, but we made it out unnoticed.
After getting back, I hung out for a little bit. Now, I think it’s around this time in the dream that the school / corporation became a magic school / corporation. Like, wizards went there and worked there. Maybe it’s because of Goblet of Fire opening this week. I dunno. But anyways, we were going to go somewhere soon, and the best way to leave the school was by plane. We were waiting to take off for a very long time, but weren’t being given permission. I wanted to find out why so I tried to ask around. A teacher told me to check administration thinking I meant why I personally wasn’t being allowed to, but it was more our plane and the conditions. So I got fed up and went outside for a walk.
Now somewhere in here I was looking for presents at my grandfather’s house. Then he, with my aunt and uncle and me, were driving around on a rickety bridge over a lake. And then I was in the lake. And then I was outside the school again.
I heard this booming voice say “a vision of the future” or something like that, and then I could see some sort of meteor coming. I ran down an alley and into a church. There were a few people in the church with me. Then, after, hearing a loud crash, I went back outside. Everything was burning, and most building were flattened. The school was ruined. The church was the only building that was okay. There were some people that were fucked up looking. Not like hurt or bleeding. Just tweaked.
And then everything went back to normal. Except, even though the other people were still people, they were different. I knew they were out to get me or sometihng. This kind of reminds me of Doom, except they were demons or zombies. Just out to get me or something. So I ran into the school. The farther in I got, the more and more of them there were. I kept running up flights of stairs until I reached the very top. I started to get cornered against a railing. Each floor was like a ring and you could look down the middle and see all the lower floors. It was all open. Except that they weren’t evenly lined up, and there were bridges and walk ways.
Having no where else to go, I jumped off and had to navigate through the air to keep from hitting birdges and other floors. I wanted to keep falling. And I had to avoid the hands of those people. And then I used magic to keep from dying when I hit the bottom.
And that was my dream.
Falling was cool.


I had a dream last night that the Earth was under attack by a fleet of ships that resembled Star Destroyers. In the dream they were Star Destoryers, but they weren’t as strong as the actual (er… fictional?) ones. I was a pilot flying a small ship outside of the atmosphere, and I was fighting the fleet. Later, I was back on Earth at a school, I think, but it appeared to be mostly social (as is real school, I suppose). Most people on Earth didn’t know what the attacking fleet because there was a large government cover up, although it was pretty obvious that something was going on (hell, people could see it). A man showed up with a woman. The man was a high official of the enemy and threatened me. The woman had a nasty tongue but didn’t actually do anything. There was a small fight, and he threatened to hurt some woman who was with me that I cared about. I think she was my sister. The two enemies left, and I admitted to the people in the area about the truth of the starting war.


I had a dream that a powerful ball of string from a school on some other planet/world/dimension got under a bed where I was staying. A team of people showed up trying to get to it, but without letting on what they wanted. Somehow, I had found out what they were seeking. Eventually, someone(s) made the decision to retrieve it, and the principal ran to get it. I got in the way to block him. I was trying to shove him back, and he was trying to get past me. We locked eyes, and then the world around us started flashing before we entered the “battle screen.” It was so amazing. But then I woke up.
I don’t care if Monday’s blue. Tuesday’s gray, and Wednesday too. Thursday, I don’t care about you; it’s Friday, I’m in love.

Amy Tan

I had a dream last night that I went to a clothes store with Toni, Gemma, and I think Jaysen. We were looking at shirts when Gemma suggested we all have dinner. We started to walk away, but I noticed a shirt I wanted so I went back. The store owner shoved me, took my ring, and tried to take something else I had. He threw my ring to a woman who turned out to be Amy Tan. Then, he shoved me, and Amy Tan tried to strangle me. I eventually got the ring back and ran outside with Amy Tan following me. I tried calling for the police, but I had lost my voice. Finally, I found two midget cops who tired to help me. Amy Tan got away though.
I don’t really like Amy Tan. I don’t want to do an in-class essay about her.


I had a dream that I went to a magic shop (actual magic) with a group of friends. Then, we went to some school. We ran into this group of people who hated us. Robby, who was with us, said something, and a guy from the other group made fun of him. I punched up, and we started fighting. Then, someone else from my group fought another guy from the other group. Some woman blew a whistle and looked at us. I stood up, pulled the guy I was fighting up, and told him to tell her that he was okay. He did. Then, I commanded a girl from the other group to pick up the other guy, her friend, and have him do the same. She did, and the guy complied. I then noticed how hot the girl was. I told her, and she responded by telling me that she was thirteen. I sort of got confused, and then woke up.

Meteor Shower

I had a dream last night that I was staying at some house on the top of a large hill / small mountain. Many of my family and friends were there too. I went to an industrial place, some sort of old, run-down factory or warehouse or something, with Hanah and Herbert, I think. We went to an area that used to be enclosed but had fallen apart and was now exposed to the outside. There were pipes and gears lying around. I notice a red hot rock skipped across the ground and skid to a stop. I couldn’t figure out what it was at first but after looking up, saw many more falling. It was a meteorite shower. I think my brother was with me at this point, but I also think there was some girl that I cared about there. I rushed to her to pull her back under shelter, because she wasn’t moving. I don’t remember what happened after that.

Roommates, Swimming, Whale

I had a dream that at UCI one cycles roommates. Antonio was my roommate to start, but it would switch around. One day, we’re just hanging out when we’re told that it’s time to switch. Now I was rooming with Thao (Linh-Nam’s Thao) even though I expected to be rooming with Jaysen. There was a pool outside so I went swimming. It was the middle of the night by this time. Next to the pool was a building. I didn’t know what was in it, but the door was unlocked so I went in. Somehow, inside the little building, there was an ocean. I went swimming, but an angry whale started chasing me. I swam back over to the sofa (yeah), climbed out, and left. Then, I went back to my dorm to shower (showers were in the dorm rooms) and went to bed.


I had a dream that I was with my grandmother at a storage shed. It was filled with my grandfather’s luggage. And then I went to the beach with Gian and Cheryl. We were looking across a bay at the city on the other side, and it was very beautiful. We talked about swimming to the other side but decided not to. Then I was playing a first person shooter… but I was in it rather than on a computer. And finally, I went to some stretching/yoga/something class with Jaysen and I think Herbert.


I had a dream that I was at CAMS. At one point, I was physically fighting with Medina. Then, some girl was yelling at me. I yelled back something like “you wouldn’t want to hurt my chance at getting admitted to college, would you.” She tried to grab me, but I floated away. I could sort of fly but not very well. It was more floating, and while I could reach the roof of buildings (small buildings anyways), I still struggled to do so.


I had a dream that I was at school around the last week. We were getting ready for school to end. Then it was the day before the last day. I was going to see a movie with some acquaintances, but something happened where it was falling apart. I decided to try to go anyways even if there would be only one or two other people.
The dream jumped ahead, and it was this fall. I had decided to attend CAMS again, retaking the 12th grade. I was in Lewis’s class, and we were talking about how I already had all my homework done. Then she showed me some science experiments we were gonna do in class. I don’t know why we’d do science experiments in a math class though.
Maybe I don’t really want CAMS to end.