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Christmas Creations

Christmas is a time for giving, and this year I gave a few homemade gifts. I thought I’d share some here!

Christmas card to gemThis is a Christmas card I gave. Yes, there was writing too, but I’m not sharing any. Christmas card for Anela

Here’s another one. I was pretty happy with it.

Christmas card for EdwardOne last card. These took hours each on average. I suppose I’m slow. Bunny for gem

This chubby little bunny was made for gem. I had to learn how to hand sew to make this. It was slow at first but got faster as I learned different stitches.

Bunny for gemThe side angle lets you see his little tail. gem with her bunny

She liked him! I’m really happy with how the bunny turned out. I think he’s pretty adorable, and he’s quite cuddly too.

gem with her bunnyThis is a cute photo. I like the bow tie. It’s attached with a safety pin rather than being sewed on so that it can be moved to become a ribbon on the ear instead! Belly dancer alpaca for Anela

Anela likes alpacas – particularly stuffed alpacas in costumes.

Belly dancer alpaca for AnelaI made this alpaca and then decided to put it in a belly dance costume. Anela with her belly dancer alpaca

Anela recognized it right away, which definitely made me happy!

belly dancer alpaca

It was based off one of the belly dance costumes that she’s worn. Plus I added a bell because… well… I like bells.

Evyerthing I made was well-received, and I had a ton of fun making them. It was strange when I finally finished; I didn’t know what to do with my free time. I spent countless nights in December working until 6 in the morning. Most of my free time the entire month was spent working. I decided to watch Parks and Recreation while working and got through three and a half seasons. I might be slow, and I might not be the most skilled, but I’m diligent!

Thanks to 2015 and everyone who made it great

Crow on the lake

This was quite the year filled with many fun activities. It seems like a nice time for some reflection. I went to Michigan, which was beautiful, with Duncan. I’d never been that far north or east.

Niagara Falls

On that same trip, I left the country for the first time to visit Niagara Falls.

Lee's Palace

I also visited Toronto! It was an awesome city.

Holland Tayloe Gedney as Elsa

I went to San Diego Comic-Con again. Here I’m dressed as an Aquabat with Holland Tayloe Gedney’s Elsa.

The Aquabats!

It was also my first year cosplaying – not counting the Aquabats costume I’ve worn to SDCC previously for concerts. This is Professor Monty Corndog from the Aquabats (with the Aquabats)!

Snapchat magic by gem

And let’s not forget Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Bay Area friends

I visited friends in the Bay Area when I went to San Francisco for a conference.

SoCal Paddle Yoga

I did a lot of yoga, including paddle yoga. I started practicing yoga in the summer of 2014 and continued in 2014. Starting in June, I did yoga daily, never missing a day. I took over 130 yoga classes in 2015. My wrist is still healing but is feeling much better. I think the glucosamine sulfate (thanks to the pianist from Intergalactic Nemesis for the suggestion) and vertical mouse is helping quite a bit. I also hurt my knee, so for the past few months I’ve only been doing restorative or yin yoga. Honestly, I can see the good in this. I’ve learned to appreciate yin and restorative so much more, which helps give me a deeper understanding to my practice and myself.


Speaking of hurting my knee, I’ve also been dancing a lot more. I took 40-something dance classes this year. While I tried a lot of different areas, I like Balboa, Argentine tango, and Lindy Hop the most. I’m glad I have fun friends who like to go dancing.

Ooey Gooey Berry PieI baked an ooey gooey berry pie for Anela to celebrate the fact that she passed the bar. I also got to attend her bar admission ceremony and law school graduation. Folly at Dapper Day

gem and I went to the Dapper Day expo at Downtown Disney and to Folly, the afterparty.

gem on stage with Suburban Legends!gem and I were extras during the filming of The Big Day, and gem got this great photo of her with Suburban Legends. Free Comic Book Day and ImprovCity's Comic Book Day show!

I saw so much talent in my friends. This is Free Comic Book Day show at ImprovCity with my friend Alex Bower front and center. Besides some regular shows, I saw him in Scary Pants (which he wrote), Millennial Falcon at Second City, and HIStory/HERstory.

UntitledSpeaking of talented friends named Alex, I saw Alex Foster clowning around and got pulled on stage for more participation (just like the last clown show I saw before this one). Little Jimmy the Robot of the Aquabats

I painted a little Jimmy the Robot.

Adventure Time mug painted at Color Me Mine! Idea by reddit user /u/Just-Another-Teenage in a post by /u/Corrupt_CoreI also painted this Adventure Time mug. Adventure Time mug painted at Color Me Mine! Idea by reddit user /u/Just-Another-Teenage in a post by /u/Corrupt_Core

You have to see both sides.

That’s not to mention the cool Christmas gifts and cards I made this year. I haven’t given them all to their recipients yet, so I don’t want to show anything.

IMG_3833gem took me to a sushi class where we prepared sushi rolls! She’s the best 🙂Coup de Comedy 2015

We also saw Kindred Throats, an amazing musical comedy duo. She liked them so much, she baked them cookies. Twice.

Anela's graduation

I attended Anela’s law school graduation from Chapman.

bar admission ceremony

…and her CA Bar admission ceremony.


gem and I saw Cirque du Soleil’s KURIOS! Amazing!

Me and Anela at the Bellydance IDOL presents Om Kalthoum Tribute Show

I saw Anela dance a number of times, including the really fun Bellydance IDOL presents Om Kalthoum Tribute Show.

watson adventures

I helped solve a mystery at the Watson Adventures.

Blacklight Run

I ran (jogged/walked) a Blacklight Run with these two fun people.

Snow photo shoot with gem and Anela

I even got to see snow for the first time.

Heck, the year even started with my friends getting engaged.

I did so many other cool things too such as…

  • Reading all surviving plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides that I hadn’t read previously.
  • Having agents draft social media responses for me at work
  • Participating in a behavioral study
  • Becoming friends with Bryan Lackey, awesome ska trumpet player
  • Wakeboarding
  • Watching my brother perform in the Spectacles Improv Engine’s Student Showcase
  • Seeing a meteor shower
  • Attending a sand sculpture festival
  • Jogging/walking a Blacklight Run
  • Running the Walking Dead Experience
  • Seeing bands such as the Aquabats, the Interrupters, Starpool, Suburban Legends, LA Swing Barons, Imagine Dragons, Metric, Halsey, the LA Philharmonic, and Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox
  • Vacationing with my roommates and friends in Vegas
  • Swing dancing in Downtown Disney
  • Visiting the OC Fair and OC Night Market
  • Watching Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Lots of blogging (see my earlier post)

And I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention a thousand things. Thanks to everybody who helped make 2015 such an amazing year.

San Diego Comic-Con 2015

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 was super awesome! It was my first time cosplaying besides wearing my Aquabats costume one day last year, and it was really fun. My favorite part of these conventions has always been looking at the cosplayers and getting photos with them; it’s interesting to participate now. I attended with gem and Antonio as usual. I cosplayed an Aquabat, Professor Monty Corndog from the Aquabats, and Fix-It Felix, Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph while gem cosplayed Sadness from Inside Out, Woody from Toy Story, and Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. Here are some of the cosplay highlights! Thursday I wore my Aquabats costume. It made the most sense because I was going to their concert later that night. 19679329421_208dc2019a_o The first photo I was asked to join was this one, shot by Kenneth Yeast. They were posing near me actually! The photographer took a photo of my business card and was nice enough to e-mail me the photos. From left to right, that’s me, @freeddc, @kaitlynfreed, and @lilbelle74 from Instagram. I’ve seen them on Instagram through Aquabats tags and concerts for a while, so it was especially cool to get photos with them. Aquabat and Elsa at SDCC 2015

This is @hollandtayloegedney (Instagram) who won an award this year for her Elsa cosplay. She was really nice, and it was fun talking to her.Aquabat, Finn, and Fionna at SDCC 2015

After I posed with Finn and Fionna from Adventure Time, gem worked her Snapchat magic to turn them into Aquabats!Aquabat versus WalkerWalkers can’t stand the might of an Aquabat.Aquabat, Joker, and Harley at SDCC 2015

I wouldn’t want to be hit with that hammer! Aquabat and Dangerous Pixie Harley Quinn at SDCC 2015
*boink* Ow, my head! Edit: When I first posted this, I didn’t even realize that was Dangerous Pixie!Daredevil and Aquabat at SDCC 2015

I also met my favorite hero, Daredevil! Edit: This is Tony Rios, @EL_LOBO209Aquabat headstand at SDCC 2015
I got in some yoga too.Aquabat crow at SDCC 2015

And a little more. On Friday I cosplayed Professor Monty Corndog from the Aquabats.Professor Monty Corndog of the Aquabats
While in line for a panel, some Aquabats lined up behind me.Professor Monty Corndog, Woody, and Minions at SDCC 2015

Woody (gem) and I posed with some minions too!

Clay Carmine of Gears of War chainsawed me in the neck! gem performed some Snapchat witchery again. Professor Monty Corndog of the Aquabats
Professor Monty Corndog of the Aquabats meets Professor Utonium of the Powerpuff Girls!Professor Monty Corndog and Breaking Bad at SDCC 2015

Breaking Despicable? I guess this minion found someone despicable to follow. When I asked for a picture, Jesse said “yeah, bitch.”Professor Monty Corndog of the Aquabats
And here I am with the Aquabats! Professor Monty Corndog is much more obscure than just the Aquabats costume, so I knew no one would really recognize it. Luckily the Bat Commander said, “Professor Monty Corndog… is that you?” It was so worth it to get this photo with them!

My final cosplay was Fix-It Felix, Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph, which I did on Saturday and Sunday.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015

More Snapchat voodoo from gem. I really love this.Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015 with Mario Kart
Here I’m fixing up this kart. Awesome Mario Kart cosplays!Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015 with Companion Cube and Chell

I also fixed this adorable Companion Cube while posing with her and Chell.Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015 with Maleficent
Speaking of adorable, isn’t this Maleficent just the cutest? I think this was my favorite cosplay of the con. My heart kind of wants to explode.Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015 with Fix-It Felicia

I high-fived Fix-It Felicia!Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015 with luchadores
Later I got in a wrestling match.Fix-It Felix, Jr. at SDCC 2015 and the Flash

I even tried to fix the Flash right in the head!

I wasn’t in costume for these, but I saw some cool cosplays while I eating dinner too.Seymour Krelborn at SDCC 2015
Feed me, Seymour! Feed me all night long! Check out that Audrey II!Globo-Gym Purple Cobras at SDCC 2015

I couldn’t resist a photo with the Globo-Gym Purple Cobras!

Woody and Dhalsim
gem even did yoga with Dhalsim!

The Aquabats concert was amazing. Here they performed a cover of The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind. They also showed a video they’re going to pitch to TV execs to try to get The Aquabats! Super Show! picked up. It showed the MCBC begging a cloaked wizard to help. He reveals himself to be Jack Black, absorbs the Commander’s powers, and transforms into an Aquabat. He agrees to help and talks about how we’re all Aquabats before using his magic to transform a bunch of celebrities into Aquabats, including Weird Al Yankovic, Tony Hawk, and more. It was very cool.

Aquabats Set List

They even signed my set list!

I also met this guy who isn’t wearing a costume because he’s a regular guy. It couldn’t be the Bat Commander. The Bat Commander doesn’t wear normal shirts like that. He was really nice, and he talked with me about getting more involved with the Aquabats. It probably helped that gem gave him a bunch of snacks! And speaking of gem giving snacks, she gave care packages to other people, such as Todd from Toddland. He was super cool. Technically gem got his number!

gem and Allie Brosh

We saw Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half. Her panel was moderated by Felicia Day, and it was super great. gem gave Allie some cookies and snacks, and Allie was very appreciative and nice. They hugged and took a photo together. We also saw a panel about Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Invader Zim. He was very down to Earth and discussed how scary it is that some people identify with parts of his crazy comics.Aquabat and walkers
We ran the Walking Dead Experience, and I did it in my Aquabats costume. It was really fun.

We arrived in Petco Park as survivors, and someone escorted us inside, claiming it’s safe. Of course, walkers showed up, and we had to run. They’re all played by volunteers who couldn’t really hurt us, but I got into it and definitely ran hard and dodged walkers. Eventually we met a second group of survivors who weren’t as friendly. They killed our leader when they found out we didn’t have supplies. Our talks were cut short when walkers approached, and we all had to run again. At the end, they decided to cull the weak. They chose someone from our group to kill, and it ended up being Antonio. They had him kneel as they raised a club to kill him. Luckily for him, walkers arrived once more, and we ran for it. Antonio said that as the walkers arrived, someone (presumably staff) lifted him to ensure he didn’t get trampled. It was so much fun!19648644496_d9eee621fa_o

Let’s see… what else. We ran into Bryan Lackey, a fantastic trumpet player. I know him from Skapeche Mode and Failed to Victory. He was really friendly and stopped to chat with us for a while before taking a photo and friending us on Facebook!

Spaceship Warlock
We also went to an art exhibit called Super Video Game Land by Anthony Bulcao at the Mission Brewery. He paints scenes from video games and is really talented! He had two painting from Spaceship Warlock, an old adventure game I loved as a kid. I was most excited for those two. He said he wasn’t confident about including them, and that I was the only person who talked to him about them. I’m glad I did!

I also participated (badly) in a kazoo and ukulele play-along, met Rikki Simons, voice of Gir (and more) from Invader Zim, played games at the Nintendo Lounge, and sang along with gem while she played Martian Girl in a line. Such an awesome weekend!

I know they’re not going to read this, but thanks to all the people who asked for photos and appreciated my cosplay – the Aquabats group photo, the jedi, the dude with the swords, and the three or four other people who liked my Aquabats costume, and the Nintendo employee, Quailman, the little Captain America, Ariel (who was excited and wanted a photo after I asked her first), and the other 14 or so people, especially the little kids, who liked my Fix-It Felix, Jr. It made me very happy!


Banners, originally uploaded by theuser.

This is a compilation of all the banners I’ve used at the top of WebPageless.

  1. The banner my friend Karp made me when he helped me set up my site
    years ago.

  2. The photo that was worth a suspension and attempted expulsion. I
    took it of my high school from the rooftop of the university library.

  3. Photo taken from UCI looking between the flag poles.
  4. Temporary banner for FKW 2008.
  5. A view of Long Beach at night from Signal Hill.
  6. A banner made with an online generator of shoot ’em up graphics.

I liked them representing different parts of my life. I need to think
of something new to photograph to use now.

1000th Entry!

This is the 1000th post using this blogging system! The older content, known as Monthly Stuff and Fuzzy Journal, aren’t even on the site now. I find the first entry from 4/16/2004 kind of funny. I must have been testing Movable Type.
I used my first tracker for 2049 days. I had 33817 unique visitors with an average of 16 per day. The keyword in searches that led people to WebPageless the most was “ragnarok.” I’ve been using my second tracker for 407 days now. I have 2325 unique visitors with an average of 5 per day. Now my most common keyword is “graal.” It’s funny that both are related to games, but I actually don’t even play Graal Online. I write about World of Warcraft a lot more, so that’s a little surprising.
My most used category is “Journal” followed by “Gaming.” Lately I’ve been writing a lot less here though. With all the writing I’ve been doing on Game-Boyz, there has been less content for me to put here. That’s a little sad, but WebPageless is still pretty important to me. I don’t really care that there aren’t a lot of people reading. I enjoy writing. WebPageless also holds information for me. Posting helps me organize my thoughts and ideas, and the site itself is useful for me when I want to find information I posted previously.
I know I’m going to continue to post a lot on Game-Boyz. In fact, I hope I post more if they bring me on staff. However, I also want to find time to post here on WebPageless more often again. It’s hard sometimes though because everyday journal posts are incredibly boring when nothing’s actually happening. Well, we’ll see if I do post more. What I do know is that WebPageless isn’t going anywhere any time soon! To the people that do read, thanks!


My brother informed me today that WebPageless has been blocked at his high school. When he viewed more information on the block, he found that they consider it pornography.

Oh God

I’m tired.
I just tried upgrading my MovableType installation. Mind you, I was tired when I started this. I actually, really wanted to sleep hours ago but got caught up in something. MT is currently at 4.x. I’m running 2.661. First I made a backup of all my files by downloading everything over FTP. Then I exported my entries and went through the upgrade process. Eventually I realized that the new MT only supports real databases, not the BerkeleyDB system I was using. That’s fine, and I really should upgrade to use sql. However, I didn’t have time for that before AX so I decided to restore MT. I put everything back the way it was but couldn’t login. Apparently there were no blogs or authors in my MT at all. I went to look at my backup; in my sleepiness I did not actually export the entries at all.
Eventually I realized I had just uploaded everything as ASCII. I reuploaded it correctly, and everything’s back to normal. I’m going to go export everything now to be on the safe side.

New Tracker

On May 7, 2009, I upgraded by tracker on WebPageless. I had been using my old one since August 14, 2003. That’s almost six years with that tracker! Anyways, for a long time it had been obsolete because of newer versions. I have no idea why the tracker I was using wanted to be upgraded, but it did.


I’ve had 33817 unique hits to WebPageless. (I’m not actually sure what a “unique” hit is.) I’ve had 58675 hits total counting reloads.
The highest day was January 18, 2005 with 119 hits. The average day had 16 hits. The highest week was week 3 of 2005 with 551 hits. On average, I got 110 hits per week. The highest month was January of 2005 with 2319 hits. On average I get 476 hits per month. Compare that to 14 hits the day before I switched, 75 hits the week before I switched, and 240 the month before I switched. You can tell WebPageless is a lot less popular.

What searches lead people to WebPageless? Apparently “ragnarok,” “online,” “webpageless,” “the,” and “bots,” mostly. Each of those keywords were used over 100 times. I can assure you that as of lately, phrases “biggest carrot” and “UCI Science Library vagina” have been quite popular.

Lastly, who links to WebPageless the most? Well, WebPageless does. In order of most referrals, the sites are WebPageless, Google, three more WebPageless addresses, another Google address, and then three more WebPageless addresses. gave me the tenth most referrals! Too bad that’s down now. Of course, I don’t really talk to its owner now anyways. Skipping other WebPageless, Google, and bwaht addresses, VersionTwo is next at slot 19. is at slot 25. Finally, is at slot 28. They liked that I had pictures of “sad Hitler in snow” drawn by William. They were based on a joke from MegaTokyo. Then there’s a bunch more redundant referrers along with Facebook way down the list. Yay!
Here‘s a .rar of screenshots of all the pages of the tracker.

Posts To Write

In place of actually writing posts that I’ve been meaning to write, here’s a list of my post backlog!

  • What I’ve Been Playing for last Thursday (even though in a couple days I’ll need a new one)
  • Review of Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution
  • Retro Review of Super Off Road
  • Obama!
  • Review of Ninjatown
  • Review of Tap Tap Revenge
  • Review of DDR S Lite
  • Review of TapDefense
  • Review Monster Hunter Freedom
  • Review Prey the Stars
  • Top 10 Games of 2008
  • Top 12 Games to Finish in 2009
  • Analysis of Games Purchased and Played in 2008

Who Reads This

I’d like to know who actually visits my site and reads WebPageless. If you’re reading this message, could you let me know as soon as you can? You can tell me in person or shoot off a letter to any address at The faster you can let me know, the better. It’ll allow me to know how long it takes posts to get read.

Science Library Vagina

Someone found WebPageless by searching for uci “science library” vagina in Google. Sadly, I mentioned in one post that I heard the Science Library looked like a vagina, but I didn’t talk about it very much.
Well if people want me to talk about the Science Library’s vagina, then I’ll talk about the Science Library’s vagina!
The Science Library is shaped with two long sections in between you can walk. These connect to a ring shaped part of the building. To walk into the Science Library, you have to walk between the two long sections to the door in the ring shaped part. You pass under an opening in the building to get into the center of the ring shape. This makes it look like a little tunnel. This tunnel with the two sections of building are said to look like a vagina with outer lips.
In addition, the Science Library is as I described if you’re looking at it from ring road. On ring road in front of the Library is a design on the ground that looks like a representation of the Sun. It’s circular with points or arrow heads arranged around it pointing out. Leading away from this design and the Science Library is a water grate in a winding, S-like shape. These two things vaguely look like a sperm. This sperm is of course aiming right at the vagina! There you go!
I’ll find a picture for everyone’s pleasure soon!


I’ve been wanting to reformat for a while, but I needed to make a data partition and move some of my stuff over. I guess I should have had two partitions for a long time. I was going to shrink my partition down and then make a new one. Well, I shrank mine down, but then Partition Magic had to stop because of an error. And the error message? “Too many errors.” So now my drive is much smaller. I look into it, and it’s because of errors with the hard disk, obviously. Can’t find any more information than that. I tried using chkdsk, but it found bad sectors and couldn’t fix them.
Then I noticed that Windows said I had 256 MB of RAM instead of 512 MB. I look inside Mantop and find that one stick is loose, but pushing it in doesn’t fix it. It seems that both sticks are good, but that one port might be bad. I kept fooling with it, and now I think both ports work, just the metal tabs on both ports are bent or screwed up or something. Sucks. I got the memory back in where it’s being held for the most part (although this has happened before and the RAM just seems to fall out). When I boot up, I get to the Windows XP screen with the progress bar, then I get a blue screen of death for an instance, and then Mantop reboots. Can’t get any farther than that.
Now Mantop is using a memory testing application from a Linux boot CD to check the RAM. It’s been going for over three hours, and I don’t know how long it’ll take in total. Hopefully it’ll finish soon. If it doesn’t, hopefully the battery will last for me to move it.


I finally got around to getting hosting for WebPageless. Stupid Cox has to block everything. There might still be errors in some places from the migration, but everything seems to be working. If anyone notices anything wrong, let me know please.

Science Library Looks Like a Vagina

I heard that the Science Library looks like a vagina.
Anyways, I doubt if WebPageless will really come back anytime soon. I guess this is semi-permanent. Cox blocks all incoming ports entirely. It’s like my computer doesn’t exist on the Internet. In better news, Cox has at least made the speeds go up to normal DSL/cable speeds. I also tried using the AntWeb. To set that up, I had to learn how to VPN into the school. But after setting it up, I found that pages on it are only accessible to people on the UCI network.
I gave up the Start Menu and Explorer a long time ago (about a year now). But I had used Black Box menus or BBIcons. Well, I gave it all up in trade for Google Desktop Search. I works really well. I use it to launch all my applications and everything. Good program. Good organization, that Google. I loves them.
My Palm Tungsten C died completely today. The screen is totally fucked up. Like Chopsticks. That really sucks. I kinda depend on it. I’m gonna sync to my dad’s Palm to at least get my financing info off of it.
I got about a standard deviation above the mean on the CSE 21 midterm. Did well on both projects. My Kalah AI was the best in the class. The average on my CSE 31L midterm was 54%. I got 97%. I’ve aced all my 31L labs, and have done well in Classics. Turned in a concert report on Tuesday. It went well, I think.
Last weekend was cool. On Friday, gem and I went to LNP. I wore a robe for Halloween and got in early. I never had got in early before. Then we rented Chamber of Secrets and bought Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Saturday we played video games basically. Then gem, Jon, Gabby, Andy and I went to see Nnenna Freelon at the Jazz Bakery in LA. I thought it was a pretty good show. Afterwards we came back to my apartment, drank, and watched the Grudge. Gabby was too scared to watch. She kept hiding. Patrick kept scaring her. It was great. Chris was too talkative during the movie. Andy was a bitch, and we’re never watching a movie that matters with him again. Sunday gem and I worked on our labs. Christine came over, but we didn’t really get to do much. That night, gem, Jon, Gabby, and I went to Knott’s Scary Farm. It was a lot of fun, except Jon and Gabby fought a bit. But Gabby got over her fear of the big rollercoasters – kind of. Anyways, she went on it. And we got on quickly because Jon used a wheelchair.
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is a really fun game. I thought the chapters would suck, but they don’t really get in the way of playing.
I finished reading Starship Troopers again. It’s so much better now than when I read it in highschool or junior high. I love Heinlein. And I love that book. Totally awesome.
On Tuesday (I think) I hung out with gem, Allison, and Lauren. It was fun. Afterwards Lauren went home, and the three of us went to Denny’s to eat. Great fun! I love friends.
I hadn’t talked to Kalin in a long time, but I’m chatting with him now. Good ol’ AIM.
My mom’s birthday was the 1st, and Pete’s is the 3rd. Happy birthdays! gem and I went out to dinner with them tonight to an Italian restaurant. I had the rigotoni, and it was great.
gem’s making Gryffindor scarves for us for the Goblet of Fire release.
Tomorrow I have a history of jazz midterm at one. I feel so unprepared. It has nothing to do with computers or math. Ah! But I’ll probably do alright.


I think I have trackbacks set up now. In the post I wrote a few entries ago about Squadcast, I sent a trackback to their site. I just checked, and their site recognized my trackback. On the other end of using trackbacks, I tried sending myself a trackback ping and WebPageless recognized it although I still don’t know about others sending me one. Anyways, looks like it’s working.

Movable Type is currently down.

WebPageless used to be hosted on Chopsticks, but it went down for an unknown reason. I brought Chopsticks here to UCI to try to fix it, but it’s networking ability seems gone. I don’t want to reformat it until I’m confident that WebPageless can come back up easily, yet I can’t get WebPageless working on Mantop either. It’s obviously online (when Mantop is online), but I can’t access the MT database at all. I tried upgrading Chopsticks to SP2 but it kept failing and then the key I had didn’t work. Mind you it’s really slow (takes about an hour or so to get to the part of the installation that says it’s a bad key) and the monitor doesn’t work. I have to borrow someone else’s monitor everytime I work on it because I don’t own one. You can see why it’s a slow task. Now, why MT is dead on Mantop, I don’t know. I couldn’t log in to it so I used MT-medic (something like that). It found that there were no blogs and no authors although I thought I moved everything over. *shrugs*. I’ll be using DA for now if I need to blog something.


I’ve been trying to clean up WebPageless lately by removing everything extra that it doesn’t need. While VNCing in today, I got that remote shutdown window with 59 seconds remaining. Looks like I got a worm. Now I gotta clean it out over VNC >_>

Dead System Board

As you can guess from the title, I found out that Zot’s system board needs replacing. It’s being ordered now. The screen needed to be tightened, and part of the case needed to be replaced. Not everything was covere, but Pete had Toshiba issue an exception code. Hopefully I’ll get my laptop back soon.


Pete gave my laptop to the repair center on Monday. He gave them the following instructions:
The unit boots intermittently and displays inappropriate characters
during the POST phase of boot and while in the Windows Environment
The top cover assembly is loose
The plastic on the left side, closest to the back of the unit may be
The unit overheats periodically (even while sitting on a smooth surface)
leading to shutdown without notice. At these times the bottom of the
unit is very hot to the touch.
To do a software recovery of the hard drive when he has completed the
hardware repair.
To call me here or on my cell if the issue is NOT covered under
warranty. In this event I would have a Channel Account Representative
here issue an exception code to have the unit repaired for free.
If possible to deliver the unit to Peter at UCI.

I called today, and they had just checked it in. They said they’d call me back in a couple of days. Hopefully it won’t take too long.