Snail mail and handmade cards

I enjoy using the postal service – especially for handmade cards and postcards. I’ve corresponded with 54 countries and 34 US states (and 1 US military region). I’ve received from 43 countries and 24 US states,  sent to 51 countries and 30 US states (and 1 US military region), and sent from 3 countries and 2 US states.

I’ve officially sent 102 postcards and received 97 postcards through Postcrossing, not counting direct trades set up outside their system. I’ve received 41 credit for 41 thank yous on /r/randomactsofcards. I’ve sent 11 sick children postcards through Send Kids the World.

These stats were last updated on 8/14/18.

I showcased my foreign postcard collection in the OC Fair 2018.

Locations I’ve to which I’ve sent or from which I’ve received are marked on my Google map, although it’s not always current.

You can see some of my handmade cards in my Flickr album.