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Berkeley Dog

Berkeley Dog, originally uploaded by theuser.

I ate at Berkeley Dog today! It’s a new hot dog joint at the University Center. The food was decent but a little over-priced. Still, they had a nice selection, lots of sauces, and super sweet soda machines. I tried Raspberry Coke, Lime Coke, and Orange Coke! They were all good, but Raspberry Coke was my favorite!

Food Trucks and New Bowling Record!!

I went to the food trucks at Irvine Lanes tonight with gem, Steph, Jessica, Andrew, Duke, and Natalie. There was a lot of tasty food! I had honey feta fries, beef kabob with tzatziki sauce, pulled pork sliders, milanesa sandwich, and nutella loukoumades. Everything was tasty!
After eating we went bowling. Jess had free passes that included shoe rental, but we paid for an extra two games as well. I got a 64 in my first game and 92 on my last, but I scored 114 on my second game! That’s a new personal best, beating my previous record of 106! Woo! It was pretty exciting 🙂


sonic championship

Today I discovered that Gameworks in Las Vegas is a great arcade! We went there to play Pac-Man Battle Royale, an awesome cocktail cabinet featuring 4-player versus Pac-Man action. I won the first time we played, but gem beat me the second.
We also ran into Sonic Championship, the Sonic fighting game! I never expected to run into one of those. It looks sort of like Virtua Fighter (yeah, bad) and has a story with a strange continuity issue; you’re trying to collect the eight Chaos Emeralds. Anyways, it was actually pretty fun. Whenever you get hit, rings fly out too! gem beat me. 🙁
They also had Sonic-themed air hockey! Hell yes! Sadly, she beat me at this too. Lastly, we played some Mario Kart Arcade GP. Unfortunately gem’s unit’s camera didn’t work. I got 3/4 and gem got 4/4. We sucked!
All of this cost us only $7, which wasn’t bad considering they were all some rare games and it cost $2 just for the game card. I wish we had some of those games closer to home!
I’ll always remember this arcade… because I just might have bought a Sonic toy to take home. The cashier asked, “do you have a Sonic fan at home? If you want to write down his email, we can send the Sonic catalogue.” No, no Sonic fan at home. He’s right here. And yes, I’ll take your catalogue!

The Freakin’ Frog

The Freakin’ Frog, originally uploaded by theuser.

The Freakin’ Frog. Oh my god. It was amazing. No one (include the cabbie) had heard of it. It looked like a little hole-in-the-wall joint from the outside but we were pleased with the bar inside. Upstairs it had a whisky attic that was unmarked. You have to ask about it to be taken up there, and it boasts the largest selection of whisky in the United States. It was cool to see, but we didn’t buy anything.
Okay, the food! First we had the chips, and they were fantastic. Checking out the bar, we found that the two bartenders do all the cooking themselves right there at the bar in a small deep-fryer and grill at the bar. They cut the tortillas and fried them right there!
We were warned a bunch about how hot the chili was, so of course we ordered chili cheese fries. It was so good! Yeah, it was a bit spicy, but still safely in "white people spicy" levels, not Asian or Mexican spicy. I ordered the BBQ pulled chicken sandwich, which was fantastic, and I had some maple bacon steak as well that was pretty damn tasty and nicely medium rare. I also had a bite of Devin’s fish sandwich that was good.
The food was amazing. I very highly recommend eating here if you’re ever in Vegas!
But there was more than the food! We asked about some beers that weren’t on the menu, and our waitress, Jenny, asked if we wanted to see the beer cooler. Remember how the Freakin’ Frog had the largest selection of whisky in the United States? It apparently also has the largest beer collection in the Western United States. The cooler was huge and packed with beers, and Jenny stood there in shorts easily discussing beers while I shivered in jeans!
We were told that they have live music every night, and while we were enjoying our beers a three-person acoustic band set up on stage. They played soft rock covers and while they were nothing special, I always enjoy live bands.
After talking with Jenny more, we found that the owner, Adam Carmer, was her professor at UNLV. Despite her never having witnessed Adam finish a drink, he’s a beer a whisky connoisseur. Jenny was a lot of fun, and Jack, the biker-looking, large bearded bartender was pretty friendly and awesome.
The pricing on the beer on tap was average, but some of the rarer beers in the cooler were pricey. The food was absolutely amazing and very cheap though. Combine this with the superb service and atmosphere and you get a great bar to which I’m definitely going to return.