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E3 Game-Boyz Posts

I’ll post links to all of my Game-Boyz E3 coverage in this post. It’ll be in reverse chronological order. I’ll specify what category the post was, the data and time, and a brief summary. Check back here to find links to anything I write.
7/15/ 16:53 – Bulkypix’s New iPhone Games | Preview | Game Boyz

7/6 13:02 Preview – Vanquish, Third-Person Shooter for PS3 and 360 / Xbox 360 / Previews – Awesome new third-person shooter by Sega, Platinum Game, and Shinji Mikami
6/27 18:39 Preview – Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 / Nintendo Wii / Previews – Awesome!
6/27 11:42 Blog – Sonic Colors / / – Modern formula finally perfected
6/27 Preview – Pac-Man Battle Royale / Hardware / Previews – Awesome arcade cabinet
6/26 23:30 Preview – Disney’s Epic Mickey for Wii / Nintendo Wii / Previews – One of the best games at E3
6/23 14:46 Preview – Capcom shows Street Fighter IV, 1942 First Strike, and Ghosts ‘N Goblins: Gold Knights II for iPhone / iPhone/iPod / Previews – All cool games
6/22 Preview – Battlestar Galactica Online Preview / PC Games / Previews – Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica Online.
6/21 Preview – DC Universe Online / PS3 / Previews – Sony’s new action-MMO set in the DC Universe.
6/20 Preview – Magic the Gathering – Tactics by SOE / PS3 / Previews – Online tactics game set in the Magic the Gathering universe!
6/20 02:58 Preview – Blacklight: Tango Down / Xbox 360 / Previews – Downloadable FPS for PSN, XBLA, and PC. A very good title!
6/19 17:52 Preview – Loong – The Power of the Dragon / PC Games / Previews – New fantasy, free-to-play MMORPG
6/19 02:32 Preview – Black Prophecy, Space Combat MMO / PC Games / Previews – gamigo’s free-to-play space combat MMO, Black Prophecy
6/17 01:43 Preview – Hudson’s Lost in Shadow / Nintendo Wii / Previews – Lost in Shadow is one of the best games I saw here.
6/17 01:28 Preview – Oops! Prank Party / Nintendo Wii / Previews – New party game / minigame collection for Wii.
6/17 00:54 Preview – Bomberman Live: Battlefest / Xbox 360 / Previews – A quick look at Hudson’s new Bomberman game.
6/17 00:34 Preview – Hudson’s Bonk: Brink of Extinction / Nintendo Wii / Previews – New version of the classic platformer, Bonk!
6/16 11:08 Editorial – D3’s new games at E3 / Nintendo Wii / Video Game News – D3 showed off Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Puzzle Quest 2, Kidz Bop Dance Party, and Despicable Me The Game.
6/15 10:21 Blog – Excitement / / – Just a list of cool things that I’ve already missed at E3 but am excited about.
6/15 00:16 Blog – The end of day zero / / – The end of day zero
6/14 15:10 Blog – Checked-in! / / – Quick post after checking into the hotel.
6/13 23:54 Blog – E3, World of Warcraft / / – Made a rather long (at least compared to my previous ones) blog post at Game-Boyz discussing my excitement for E3 and World of Warcraft.

Magtheridon’s Lair and No Ruby Sanctum

Today I saw Cheeseygirl looking in trade for people to join her in Magtheridon’s Lair. I went, and it was pretty fun. People pulled before any explanation could be given, but enough people knew what they were doing to pull it off. I also met her new boyfriend who is one of the leaders of their guild now. He’s an intelligent fellow it seems who knows how to play WoW. I enjoyed talking with him.
Ruby Sanctum failed tonight. Kaytral’s raid was scheduled for 6:30. I asked about it at 6:45 or so, and Harley said she was still in ICC. I assumed Kaytral must have wanted to wait for her. At 7:30 she left, and at 7:45 I asked again. Harley seemed annoyed because she was tired and not feeling well. I don’t really know what happened to everyone else. I guess without Harley no one wanted to raid. I’ll have to look for a PuG tomorrow. It’s really annoying when guild runs fail late in the week. No PuG is ever good at the end of the week.
I ran Magisters’ Terrace for an attempt at the mount and Shadow Labyrinth for the achievement. Fun times! Next week Zen’s leading another ICC 25 and said he’d put my trinket on reserve. He also put an Ulduar on the calendar. No idea if that’ll happen! I’d love to start collecting shards though!

WoW Progress

First, an update on guild progression. With so many people leaving, the core raiding group has really changed. Harley, Mekrob, and Darth are now part of the LK attempts usually. Obviously I already knew Harley, but I’ve gotten to know Darth and Mekrob, both cool dudes. We’ve had a lot of changes to the roster though. Hopefully we don’t crumble more. We’re still having a lot of trouble on the LK though. A few weeks ago we were always struggling in phase two and had only one good phase two. We’ve seen the transition to phase three once but died during it. This week we had trouble getting to phase two. It’s supposed to be guild progression not regression! Unfortunately, I don’t really know what’s happening. I have noticed that things seems to go smoother when I call out things on Vent. It’s kind of cool to be able to make an impact like that.

Ruby Sanctum also came out a couple weeks ago. On the first week, I got into a PuG that was horrible and couldn’t clear anything. Then I did a 10m with the guild. We cleared to Halion but couldn’t down him. First, we had some difficulties in positioning him and moving him as the debuffs were put down on the ground. Harley was having some computer problems, so that definitely wasn’t helping. Second, debuff placements were a problem. In all three phases players get a random debuff that, when dispelled, put a circle on the ground of badness. The size of the circle is proportional to how long it takes to dispel it. People had trouble moving into position, so we were getting huge debuff zones. The fight takes place in a large circle with Halion standing near the perimeter, parallel to the tangent line at that point of the circle (roughly). Players were supposed to run towards the tail and then to the outer edge to drop the debuff. In other words, not just to the tail – to the outside edge of the fighting area but near the tail. People were just going to the tail. We also had some trouble on the laser that shoots through the middle in the second phase. We made it to phase three, the final phase, once but died due to a lack of coordination in splitting the raid group. Still we were all learning the fight, so I don’t mind too much even though a lot of other people have downed him. Kaytral wanted to do attempts tonight, but there’s nothing in the guild message or calendar. Hopefully people show!
CFC’s in a weird position right now. More and more I feel like the geared and good people are being forced to carry bads. I really don’t mind as much when I’m helping someone knowledgeable gear up an ungeared toon, but we have some people who are just plain bad. I know enough from Tam not to blog about specific problems or name any names. I’m just starting to feel like not showing up for anything but LK kills. For my healing set, I need a wand off of the Blood Princes and a wand off of the Blood-Queen. In last night’s guild run, we only managed Festergut, Rotface, and Valithria. We didn’t even see the Blood Wing! And if I had PuG’d it, it wouldn’t have been any better. Why show up? Oh, I know. I need to carry and help gear the people who don’t know how to play at all. Spell power is not better than hit. 30 hit isn’t enough. But thanks for taking one of the only pieces that could still help a progression raider. It’s not like we needed that character to have that piece. Uh oh, I’m going into specifics, aren’t I?
Okay, okay, what else? I did a full clear of Karazhan with Zen and gem the other day. It took forever because we didn’t know our way around. We’re going to start doing Attumen the Huntsman every week in an attempt to get his mount. We also did ZG, which we’re going to start doing regularly as well. I want some mounts! I have four piece sanctified for both my healing and DPS sets now! For my healing set, I’ll be 10m-normal BiS as soon I get my wand, not counting Lich King drops. I’m still hoping for Althor’s Abacus off of 25m. In Zen’s PuG this week I saw it drop. The person who won it had never seen it drop previously and rolled a perfect 100. I guess that’s a decent way for me to lose the roll at least. As for my DPS set, I’m four piece sanctified, but I’m using sanctified legs and not gloves. When the sanctified gloves drop in VoA, I plan on switching the legs to Leggings of Woven Death. Also this week the guild let me go shadow for Lord Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper! I was horrible, but it was fun for a change. It’s nice because it keeps things feeling fresh. Harley suggested I level an alt to keep things fresh, but the I’ll obligated to do all the weekly things on two characters when I’m actually trying to find more time to do other things.
Yup, that’s all!