I might not be a fantastic artist, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun.

You can see more of my crafts in my Flickr collection.

chubby bunny stuffed animal

This is a chubby bunny stuffed animal I made for gem for Christmas 2015. You can see more of it in my post, Christmas Creations.

Christmas card for gem

Here’s a Christmas card I made for gem.

Christmas card for Anela

This is a Christmas card I gave Anela.

You can see all my handmade cards in my Flickr album.

Bellydancer Alpaca

I made this bellydancer alpaca for Anela for Christmas. Originally I was just going to make her a stuffed alpaca, but I decided to put it in a bellydancer costume based on one I saw her use.

Little Jimmy the Robot

Little Jimmy the Robot is a vinyl toy I painted to look like Jimmy the Robot of the Aquabats.

Horde plate and stein

I painted this Horde plate and stein at Color Me Mine. Check out the additional pictures of the rest of the stein here.

Adventure Time mug

I painted this two-sided Adventure Time mug at Color Me Mine. Read about it and follow a link to my inspiration here.

Ghost pumpkin and vinyl rabbit

Here are two things I made for gem. On the left is a pumpkin designed to look like a blue Pac-Man ghost. You need to look closely at the bottom to see the design. It’s dark. On the right is a vinyl toy I colored!


When Pac-Man was being redesigned, some people created their own versions. I couldn’t resist.


Sometimes Atlas can hold up the world without a problem. Other times, the weight of the world seems to crush him.

Kiwi bowl

Here’s a kiwi bowl I painted at Color Me Mine.

I performed a stick puppet show of the wonderful children’s book, I Want My Hat Back.