Gemma rented Mystic River and School of Rock on Friday. A group of us watched it out in the common room. On Saturday, my mom took me for my eye exam. My sight’s not perfect, but it’s not bad enough for me to need glasses. He recommended I come back in about a year. I had lunch with Mom, Pete, and James, which was fun. I bought two bottles of shampoo, two bottles of conditioner, and some sunglasses at Target. Late Saturday night, Jay and I went with Gabby for Mexican food. Alberto’s. Very, very tasty. I wish I had one of those burritos right now. Sunday, I spent most of the day studying. I went to In-n-Out with Gem and Allison though. It was a nice break. After I finished everything except studying for the calc midterm, I went on a walk with Gemma just around Middle Earth. I had fun 🙂 I took a shower afterwards and studied calculus. I think I’ll do pretty well on the midterm today. Okay, bye.
Oh, I forgot! I got my sample ballot and polling place information. I’m very happy =D I don’t know how I’m going to vote for everything yet, but I’m voting Libertarian.