On Christmas Eve morning, I went out for sashimi, sushi, and tempura with my mom and grandpa. It was very tasty! I wish I could eat that more often. Then we went back to my aunt’s to spend the day with the family. Haley and Mitchel, my cousins, are so cute. Haley going to break a lot of hearts someday. I spent most of the day reading Digital Fortress. I read a couple pages before going to my aunt’s, but I basically started it that day. My stepdad got a 20 questions game, and the thing’s amazing. I don’t know how it’s able to guess correctly. I got cool stuff too. I received some DVD movies (copies), blank DVDs, a glass paperweight (my grandfather makes them… actually quite awesome, I’ll take a photo or something), a wallet and keychain from friends of my grandparents, a travel case for suits/clothes, a bag from a casino, cookies, a PS2 memory card, Red Zone deodorant, body spray, and body wash, a Starbucks gift card, five nice shirts, a denim jacket, a body pillow, and Domain cologne and aftershave. I got money too of course. The movies had a good selection, the paperweight is amazing (my grandfather is really talented, I think), the body pillow is amazing… yeah I’m happy with everything I guess. Man, that body pillow is awesome. I spent Christmas Eve night with my mom.
On Christmas, the family came to my mom’s house. I spent most of the time alone in an extra bedroom reading Digital Fortress. I finished it, and it’s really good. I had fun seeing my family. My great-grandmother bought me a lotto ticket… but I lost =/. My dad drove me to Gem’s where we exchanged gifts. I’m glad I got to see her; I miss her so much, and she gives the best hugs =D. She gave me a super cute Build-A-Bear named Fluffy Butt. And I lovez him (and her)! He’s dressed like Woody from Toy Story. She liked my gifts as well. Overall, it was a great Christmas! Now, I’m off to watch a movie!