Getty Museum, The Stinking Rose

gem and I went to the Getty Museum yesterday. It was really fun. I’d never been to a real museum before, and I really liked it. The religious art bored me a little, which is ironic because that’s what most of it is. Still, there were a lot of amazing things. I also grew to like impressionist paintings a lot more. And the marble and bronze statues were really cool, probably my favorite. But the architecture itself is simply beautiful too. It was designed by Richard Meier and is outstanding. It feels like a palace or something.
After the museum, the two of us went to the Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills. It’s a restaurant specializing in garlic. Their motto is “We season our garlic with food.” We had amazing garlic spread with bread for an appetizer. Then I had the rabbit and gem had the chicken. And for dessert, we had garlic ice cream. The ice cream sounded a bit weird but ended up being really good. It didn’t really taste garlicy. It was just… spicy. Anyways, delicious!