UCI Zombie Invasion 2009

UCI Zombie Invasion 2009, originally uploaded by theuser.

Today a horde of zomies attacked UCI! There were about 15 people in the
group, with 5 or so in zombie make-up. They came up the stairs at the
front of the school and lumbered to the Langson Library. They walked
in, crowded around the elevator, and began to bang on the doors. When
it opened, they yelled, "brains!" and began to push into the elevator.
Two girls ran out, laughing but obviously a bit startled. I heard them
mumbling "what the hell are they doing" and similar things, but then
they said "let’s stay and watch." The zombies waited for another
elevator to come for a couple minutes before one yelled "stairs!" Then
they all began yelling "stairs… stairs?" It was obvious they didn’t
know where the stairs were. One yelled "stairs!" and pointed, and then
they lumbered towards the stairwell. I had to leave to go to class at
that point, but I heard startled yells coming from the stairwell as I
The organizers want to make this a yearly tradition. I hope they do!