Day Zero and Day One

Day Zero
I was pretty on Day Zero. I only slept for three and a half hours, and then we had to buy a bunch of snacks with Antonio. When we got down to LA, we parked in his staff parking and went in search of his badge. The people he expected to have his badge didn’t because Antonio told them he wasn’t going to come Day Zero.
gem and I line up for our badges, and it took about three hours. They couldn’t find her information but then printed hers anyways after she showed her email confirmation. Later we came back at night so that Antonio could get his badge at the staff meeting. gem and I sat down in some chairs while Antonio was in his meeting. It ended around 11:30, and when we went to leave, the doors were all locked. LACC staff were confused and kept asking us how we got inside. They seem surprised to find out that we came in the main entrance two hours earlier. They just locked up without checking the upper levels or saying anything. Idiots.
Our hotel room’s really small, but the hotel’s location is great. It’s a 10-15 minute walk from the LACC, is right next to an IHOP and Subway, and is one block from a Ralph’s. Plus we filled our room with snacks!
Day One
Yesterday we started our day by getting AMV contest tickets. I expected it to be annoying, but we waited in line for less than a minute. After we got our tickets, I went to the Manag Cafe and read the first volume of the Sunwell Trilogy and a bit of FLCL. Then we checked out the Exhibition Hall and met Ann. We also checked out the arcade and the table-top gaming room. I doubt I’ll play, but it was pretty cool!
The AMV Contest was longer than I would have liked as usual. However, I thought the AMVs were really good. I had a great time. The best part was Edward. He showed up late on Day One and got his ticket separately from us. Because he wanted to sit with us, he offered the guy sitting next to us $15 to switch tickets. Surprisingly the guy said okay, swapped and left. Then I noticed that the guy didn’t go to place that Edward’s seat was located. Edward checked the ticket and found out that the guy’s ticket was for a seat far from us. He was just sitting there. It was hilarious. He tried to pay off the girl that showed up for the seat. She seemed interested, but her friends wouldn’t let her. Edward sat alone.