Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw on Gay Roleplaying

The Escapist : Extra Punctuation: Roleplaying Homosexual in Dragon Age 2 via

…the person you are in a game is not the person you are in reality. You reinvent yourself for every new world. I know some people try to play their RPG protagonists as close to their own personalities (and even appearances) as they can, but I like to create a new character, building an image of their personality in my mind that grows with each dialogue and story choice. In other words, I like to role play. I assumed that was the point of a role-playing game. And while playing Dragon Age 2 my Hawke ended up being gay…

I found this article pretty interesting. He finds that as he’s roleplaying, the character’s he created happens to be gay and goes with it. He also discusses relationships in game and the emotional attachments that are created by playing.