Cookie swap!

Hurst Cookies

When I got home today, I saw a package sitting on the couch. Packages always make me excited so I went and looked at the label. It was to Duncan. Always Duncan. As I let out a loud groan, I saw the second package. This one was for us! We got cookies in the mail from Darnell and Alex! We sent them cookies near Christmas, so they decided to swap. They were super delicious.

The box was packed completely full with two types of cookies, and both looked out of the ordinary. The first I thought were biscotti, and the second were triangles specked with colors. What could they be? Well there was a card that told me!

The biscotti was actually chocolate chip bars, and the triangles weren’t just triangles; they were cranberry pistachio triangles! Yes, you read that right. Cranberry. Pistachio. Triangles. And oh boy, were they both delicious. I expected the chocolate chip bars to be crunchy, but they were soft, chewy, and amazing. The cranberry pistachio triangles were flavorful and delicious. I’m so excited to have this box of cookies!

The irony? Darnell and Alex congratulated me in the card on my weight loss. You know, that’s the same card that came with box stuffed full of cookies. Don’t worry. I have self control!

1 thought on “Cookie swap!

  1. Duncan Kistler

    I hope you are ready for tons more packages for that say “Duncan” on them…

    Don’t worry, they are all school books, not things like cookies.

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