D&D: The Five Stars: The Church of the Five Stars

The Church of the Five Stars is one of the two primary religions in the human kingdoms. It worships five deities known as the five stars:

  • Lida, the Jewel of Creation, goddess of creation, good fortune, and wealth
  • Azsan’mira, the Great Mother, goddess of life and nature
  • Yandir the Traveled, god of travelers, music, and merchants
  • Palrah the Light, god of reason, logic, and morals
  • Random, Lord of Chaos, god of luck and chance

The church uses a picture of an open hand surrounded by five stars. Their motto is “One must approach the Five with an open hand to receive their gifts.”

The Church of the Five Stars teaches that during the Dark Times the five gods were worshiped independently. Followers of one didn’t believe in the others. Each god demanded respect, and believers, each wanting to bring glory to their god, turned on each other. Many people died. Thanal, a human prophet, was blessed with a vision of peace from all five. He saw that happiness could only be found through the worship of all five.

The Church of the True Path worships the same five gods but believes it is the true path to those gods. Its symbol is a star with five rays of light shining down on a road represented by two wavy lines.