Of teeth and the trouble they cause

On Wednesday, I felt some slight pain while eating some nuts. I figured one of my teeth was sensitive and decided to pay closer attention.

On Thursday, I felt something stuck between two teeth in that area of my mouth. I flossed, and it bled a bit despite flossing daily. Eventually I realized that what was stuck between my teeth was a piece of my tooth and that it must have broken on Wednesday.

On Friday, I called my dentist to make an appointment. They managed to find me a time slot on Monday.

On Sunday, there was an unexpected twist. While eating a piece of beef, soft, chewy, not-bad-for-your-teeth beef, there was a crunch and pieces of tooth in my mouth. It was not the same tooth.

Today, I’m down $1600. However, I can’t complain too much. I’m glad I can afford to pay it, and I’m glad that I got that price, because it was actually a deal. I have two temporary crowns in now. I know I should take it easy and eat something soft tonight… like maybe pizza. Sure, that’s the excuse I found to order pizza.