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Cauldron Ice Cream’s beautiful and delicious desserts

S'mores puffle from Cauldron Ice Cream

Is it time to go back to Cauldron Ice Cream yet? No? Oh well – hopefully soon. I went on the weekend, and it was really cool. This is the s’mores flavor in a puffle. The puffle is a waffle cone, but it’s definitely different than what you typically imagine for ice cream. It’s apparently “Hong Kong style,” but I don’t really know what that is exactly. I expected those bubbles to literally be bubbles filled with air, but they aren’t hollow at all. They’re pure, soft deliciousness, perfect to soak up the ice cream flavor. I’m sure it’s more carbs than a typical cone, but it was great. I actually had a dream about the puffle the night before I got to try it. It didn’t disappoint.

The ice cream flavors were quite good and very interesting as well. Most of the ice creams came with toppings as well with balanced flavors combining beautifully. I ordered the s’mores ice cream. “Double chocolate ice cream layered with graham cracker. Topped with marshmallow fluff cream and then toasted for the full campfire experience.” S’mores are one of my favorite desserts, so I knew I had to try it. I love the incorporation of the graham cracker and marshmallow fluff cream. I wouldn’t expect to need the graham cracker given the similar puffle, but I appreciated the crunch (and of course the authenticity of the s’more). The marshmallow fluff cream was great; it wouldn’t have been a s’more without it.H2O Rose from Cauldron Ice CreamThe H2O Rose was also quite impressive with its notable floral flavor. It truly tasted like roses. It looked the part as well in a beautiful pink and sprinkled with rose sugar. While I didn’t take a photo of it myself, Anela provided me her photograph! While I have a thing for chocolate, the H2O Rose might have been my favorite item as an artistic whole and my second favorite flavor I tasted. See how it’s arranged like an actual rose? I should try a new flavor next time I go, but I’m really tempted to order this.

I tried more than that though. I was also impressed with the taste of the Vietnamese Coffee. Although the presentation wasn’t quite as special, it was my third favorite flavor. The Earl Grey Lavender was another floral flavor that was fun to pair with the Vietnamese Coffee. Rainbow Road was milk ice cream and Fruity Pebbles. I believe it was supposed to be topped with Fruity Pebbles as well, but they missed that in our order. While good, I think it was my least favorite flavor of the six I tried. On the plus side, it made me get a song about Rainbow Road stuck in my head. Lastly, I tried Strawberry Shortcake. It sounds like it should be unexciting, but I suppose classics are classic for a reason. This was one of the better strawberry ice creams I’ve had.

Their menu lists “September 2015 flavors,” seemingly implying that the flavors change monthly. I don’t know if they all rotate or only some, but I’ll be interested to see what happens next month However, there’s more I want to try in September still such as the Sea Salted Caramel Crunch, featuring caramel ice cream and pretzel bits. There’s also the Cirque de la Crème: “Pieces of circus animal crackers mixed throughout, for a taste of nostalgia in every bite. Topped with rainbow sprinkles and a mystery animal cracker.” Doesn’t that sound adorable? As if they hadn’t already hooked me, they end the description with “a mystery animal cracker.” Yes, please!