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Thanks to 2015 and everyone who made it great

Crow on the lake

This was quite the year filled with many fun activities. It seems like a nice time for some reflection. I went to Michigan, which was beautiful, with Duncan. I’d never been that far north or east.

Niagara Falls

On that same trip, I left the country for the first time to visit Niagara Falls.

Lee's Palace

I also visited Toronto! It was an awesome city.

Holland Tayloe Gedney as Elsa

I went to San Diego Comic-Con again. Here I’m dressed as an Aquabat with Holland Tayloe Gedney’s Elsa.

The Aquabats!

It was also my first year cosplaying – not counting the Aquabats costume I’ve worn to SDCC previously for concerts. This is Professor Monty Corndog from the Aquabats (with the Aquabats)!

Snapchat magic by gem

And let’s not forget Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Bay Area friends

I visited friends in the Bay Area when I went to San Francisco for a conference.

SoCal Paddle Yoga

I did a lot of yoga, including paddle yoga. I started practicing yoga in the summer of 2014 and continued in 2014. Starting in June, I did yoga daily, never missing a day. I took over 130 yoga classes in 2015. My wrist is still healing but is feeling much better. I think the glucosamine sulfate (thanks to the pianist from Intergalactic Nemesis for the suggestion) and vertical mouse is helping quite a bit. I also hurt my knee, so for the past few months I’ve only been doing restorative or yin yoga. Honestly, I can see the good in this. I’ve learned to appreciate yin and restorative so much more, which helps give me a deeper understanding to my practice and myself.


Speaking of hurting my knee, I’ve also been dancing a lot more. I took 40-something dance classes this year. While I tried a lot of different areas, I like Balboa, Argentine tango, and Lindy Hop the most. I’m glad I have fun friends who like to go dancing.

Ooey Gooey Berry PieI baked an ooey gooey berry pie for Anela to celebrate the fact that she passed the bar. I also got to attend her bar admission ceremony and law school graduation. Folly at Dapper Day

gem and I went to the Dapper Day expo at Downtown Disney and to Folly, the afterparty.

gem on stage with Suburban Legends!gem and I were extras during the filming of The Big Day, and gem got this great photo of her with Suburban Legends. Free Comic Book Day and ImprovCity's Comic Book Day show!

I saw so much talent in my friends. This is Free Comic Book Day show at ImprovCity with my friend Alex Bower front and center. Besides some regular shows, I saw him in Scary Pants (which he wrote), Millennial Falcon at Second City, and HIStory/HERstory.

UntitledSpeaking of talented friends named Alex, I saw Alex Foster clowning around and got pulled on stage for more participation (just like the last clown show I saw before this one). Little Jimmy the Robot of the Aquabats

I painted a little Jimmy the Robot.

Adventure Time mug painted at Color Me Mine! Idea by reddit user /u/Just-Another-Teenage in a post by /u/Corrupt_CoreI also painted this Adventure Time mug. Adventure Time mug painted at Color Me Mine! Idea by reddit user /u/Just-Another-Teenage in a post by /u/Corrupt_Core

You have to see both sides.

That’s not to mention the cool Christmas gifts and cards I made this year. I haven’t given them all to their recipients yet, so I don’t want to show anything.

IMG_3833gem took me to a sushi class where we prepared sushi rolls! She’s the best 🙂Coup de Comedy 2015

We also saw Kindred Throats, an amazing musical comedy duo. She liked them so much, she baked them cookies. Twice.

Anela's graduation

I attended Anela’s law school graduation from Chapman.

bar admission ceremony

…and her CA Bar admission ceremony.


gem and I saw Cirque du Soleil’s KURIOS! Amazing!

Me and Anela at the Bellydance IDOL presents Om Kalthoum Tribute Show

I saw Anela dance a number of times, including the really fun Bellydance IDOL presents Om Kalthoum Tribute Show.

watson adventures

I helped solve a mystery at the Watson Adventures.

Blacklight Run

I ran (jogged/walked) a Blacklight Run with these two fun people.

Snow photo shoot with gem and Anela

I even got to see snow for the first time.

Heck, the year even started with my friends getting engaged.

I did so many other cool things too such as…

  • Reading all surviving plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides that I hadn’t read previously.
  • Having agents draft social media responses for me at work
  • Participating in a behavioral study
  • Becoming friends with Bryan Lackey, awesome ska trumpet player
  • Wakeboarding
  • Watching my brother perform in the Spectacles Improv Engine’s Student Showcase
  • Seeing a meteor shower
  • Attending a sand sculpture festival
  • Jogging/walking a Blacklight Run
  • Running the Walking Dead Experience
  • Seeing bands such as the Aquabats, the Interrupters, Starpool, Suburban Legends, LA Swing Barons, Imagine Dragons, Metric, Halsey, the LA Philharmonic, and Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox
  • Vacationing with my roommates and friends in Vegas
  • Swing dancing in Downtown Disney
  • Visiting the OC Fair and OC Night Market
  • Watching Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Lots of blogging (see my earlier post)

And I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention a thousand things. Thanks to everybody who helped make 2015 such an amazing year.

Chapman Law Bar Admission Ceremony

bar admission ceremony

Monday evening was the Chapman University Fowler School of Law State and Federal Bar Admission Ceremony (what a mouthful). I chatted with a nice couple who was there to support their nephew as well as a woman on the other side of me there for her daughter’s friiend who was like family.

bar admission ceremony

I texted Anela to turn around for a photo. She didn’t see the text, but she turned around right at that time anyways and looked my way!

bar admission ceremony

Technically this is a photo of Anela taking the oath even if it’s not the best angle.

bar admission ceremony

Todd Friedland, Esq., President-Designate, Orange County Bar Association gives some remarks. I actually found myself thinking “he’s a really good speaker” before realizing “of course he is.”

bar admission ceremony

There are technically two Anelas in this photo.


Anela’s graduation!


Yesterday was Anela’s graduation from Chapman Law. Congrats, Anela! Aw, look how happy she looks.

Commencement Exercises

It’s a beautiful campus, and I liked how diverse the people were. The Honorable M. Margaret McKeown, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit gave the address. She was really fascinating and a great speaker. My favorite part was that she talked about it’s good to give people food. “And when people have food in their mouth, they can’t yell at you.” Great advice.

The booklets also contained a list of highest course grades. Each student who was awarded the highest grade in a class that semester got their name listed in the book along with the classes. That’s such a cool idea. If I could have participated in that, I think I would have pushed a lot harder in college. It’s no surprise that Anela was listed!


As soon as it clicked that the slightly mispronounced name called was Anela’s, I tried to get a picture while cheering loudly. If you squint hard enough, I swear that’s her.

My illegible Twitter message

Speaking of illegible photos…

They were showing tweets that contained the hashtag #ChapmanU on the screens. That says “@TheUser You’re the best, Anela! Congrats! #champanu”

Anela and gem

Here’s Anela and gem after the ceremony.Anela's graduation

And here’s the three of us. Anela’s holding the Ace Attorney congratulatory card gem made for her! Pretty sweet.

Anela-car sandwich

After the ceremony, we sampled some of the food they were serving before moving our cars to go to dinner. This is an Anela-car sandwich – her Toyota RAV4 sandwiched between our Toyota Camrys!

Korean BBQ

We treated Anela to Go Goo Ryeo Korean BBQ for a graduation dinner. It was super tasty! I think the three of us seem to have a thing for Korean BBQ 🙂 No complaints here.

It was a really great evening, and I’m glad I was there. Congratulations, Anela!