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Theater-packed weekend

Friday night I went to Fullerton College’s Playwrights Festival to see my brother’s play. His was third, last, so I’ll mention the other two first. Sala de Amor y Guerra by Elvia Rubalcava was family, a broken home, and repeating the same mistakes as your parents. It was entertaining, but it didn’t quite hit home with me. Some lines were in Spanish, and while I can understand the immersion aspect of seeing another culture, it ended up making me feel a bit frustrating. I also don’t fully grok being upset about the “broken home” scenario. My parents divorced, but I’ve never thought to say I come from a broken home. My life was fine.

The second play was Caught in the Middle by Iris Jimenez, which told a story of a love triangle, cheating, getting caught, rebounds, and more. It was extremely entertaining and very funny. As I watched it, I felt a little sad that it wasn’t something I could capture to watch again. That’s it. There’s no book, and there’s no DVD. Stupid theater!

His Story, by my brother, James Anargirou, was last. He actually never made it to a rehearsal, so he wasn’t sure how it was going to be performed. His Story was entirely dialogue driven set in a single scene. A woman is trying to talk a young man out of killing himself after catching him about to commit suicide. While he didn’t know her, it’s revealed that she not only knew him but was sort of stalking him. She convinces him to admit his reasoning: he was in love with a woman who died three years previously, and now he feels guilty for beginning to have feelings for other women. It was very interesting. When some people discussed it, they mentioned how at first you think he’s crazy and she’s trying to help, but then you learn they’re both crazy. It’s fascinating to me that someone would call him crazy, but I wouldn’t use that term. Yes, it’s extreme, but it isn’t exactly crazy in my opinion. It’s such an odd situation that I never previously considered either – being so devoted to someone that feelings for someone else after his or her death would leave you feeling as if you cheated. The play was performed as a dark comedy, but I think James wrote it as a drama. It was very entertaining to me, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it much. I can say that I’m very proud to have a talented brother though.

There was a bit more to my weekend, however. On Saturday I watched You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! My coworker Mike was in it, so a group of us from work went to watch. It was very fun! I wasn’t very familiar with Peanuts, but I’m a bit more familiar with it now. The show consisted of mostly children, and they all did an excellent job.