[09/27-23:42] TheUser: pillows are soft
[09/27-23:42] Allison: why yes, yes they are
[09/27-23:42] Allison: and bathroom floors are dirty
[09/27-23:42] Allison: or at least the ones around here are
[09/27-23:42] Allison: lol
[09/27-23:42] TheUser: That’s exactly why I sleep on a pillow and not on a bathroom floor
[09/27-23:42] TheUser: lol
[09/27-23:43] Allison: lol
[09/27-23:43] Allison: very wise decision
[09/27-23:51] TheUser: Tell Rebecca that I want to eat her and absorb her knowledge
[09/27-23:52] Allison: she says “Ok i dont have that much knowledge”
[09/28-00:07] TheUser: I like things that are soft
[09/28-00:08] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:08] Allison: just like babies
[09/28-00:08] TheUser: In general, I do… soft is good
[09/28-00:09] TheUser: you mean babies like soft things or babies are soft?
[09/28-00:09] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:09] Allison: i guess it works both ways
[09/28-00:09] TheUser: babies are smart dude
[09/28-00:09] TheUser: they do things off of instinct
[09/28-00:10] TheUser: instinct should be used more often. People say you shouldn’t just act, you should think about it… but they’re wrong. You should just follow your heart but then knowledge gets in the way…. it blocks people from functioning correctly… and then we get this society we live in today
[09/28-00:11] TheUser: Plus, babies like soft things
[09/28-00:11] TheUser: bunnies are soft
[09/28-00:11] TheUser: man I liked Lenny
[09/28-00:12] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:12] Allison: wow so many random thoughts but its all connected
[09/28-00:12] TheUser: ^____^
[09/28-00:17] Allison: do you like candy?
[09/28-00:17] Allison: apparently Rebecca is trying to get rid of hers
[09/28-00:17] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:17] TheUser: some… but a lot of candy is too strong and ends up hurting my teeth anyways
[09/28-00:17] TheUser: Getting rid of candy?!?
[09/28-00:17] TheUser: zomg!
[09/28-00:18] Allison: i know
[09/28-00:19] Allison: she doesnt like salt water taffy
[09/28-00:19] Allison: so she and gemma are walking around the suite
[09/28-00:19] Allison: giving out candy like its halloween
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: What’s salt water taffy?
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: Is it yumy taffy?
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: Isn’t that Roda?
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: I like Roda
[09/28-00:19] Allison: and the funny thing is that the candy is in a bucket with a witch on it
[09/28-00:19] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:19] Allison: yes its taffy
[09/28-00:19] Allison: and yes that’s Roda
[09/28-00:19] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: I don’t really know what taffy is though
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: Unless it’s simply Roda
[09/28-00:24] Allison: oh man rebecca busted out with Vanilla Ice!
[09/28-00:24] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:24] TheUser: ahaha
[09/28-00:24] TheUser: awesome
[09/28-00:24] Allison: out of nowhere the song plays and she starts rapping
[09/28-00:24] Allison: that was so random
[09/28-00:25] Allison: yet very VERY amusing