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2018 blogging in review

Every year I like to look at my blog stats. It seems a little pointless as I’ve practically stopped, but it’s hard for me to break tradition.


Kor’kron 501st

Polygons & Pixels

2017 blogging in review

After 2016 ended up being my best year for views and visitors on WebPageless, 2017 ended up being one of my worst. That’s not super surprising, because I’ve been blogging a lot less.

 WebPageless  Kor’kron 501st  Polygons & Pixels  Total
 Since 1/2013  Since 9/2011  Since 6/2012
 Year  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors
 2011  N/A  N/A  238  0  N/A  N/A  238  0
 2012  ?  ?  5,969  509  593  91  6,562  600
 2013  2,949  1,595  10,181  6,291  6,858  3,933  19,988  11,819
 2014  3,703  2,101  6,376  4,949  7,891  5,010  17,970  12,060
 2015  4,005  2,481  4,797  3,766  4,029  3,106  12,831  9,353
 2016  8,699  2,675  2,559  2,106  2,251  1,690  13,509  6,471
 2017  2,208  1,507  1,103  845  1,520  1,165  4,831  3,517

My most viewed article last year was an article from August 2015 – Pan-frying Pizza Rolls with Totino’s x MBMBaM with 834 views. That was a fun piece!

On Kor’kron 501st, my most viewed article was also from August 2015. How strange. It’s World of Warcraft: Legion – where’s the dance studio? and had 20 (yep, just haha) views.

Polygons & Pixels’ most viewed article was Papers, Please, Gamer’s Edition is full of collectibles from March 2015 with 96 views.

August was a good year for blogging for me!

2016 blogging in review

This past year was the best I’ve had on WebPageless for both views and visitors.

Here are my WordPress stats:

 WebPageless  Kor’kron 501st  Polygons & Pixels  Total
 Since 1/2013  Since 9/2011  Since 6/2012
 Year  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors
 2011  N/A  N/A  238  0  N/A  N/A  238  0
 2012  ?  ?  5,969  509  593  91  6,562  600
 2013  2,949  1,595  10,181  6,291  6,858  3,933  19,988  11,819
 2014  3,703  2,101  6,376  4,949  7,891  5,010  17,970  12,060
 2015  4,005  2,481  4,797  3,766  4,029  3,106  12,831  9,353
 2016  8,699  2,675  2,559  2,106  2,251  1,690  13,509  6,471

Not counting any homepage, the top entry was “Pan-frying Pizza Rolls with Totino’s x MBMBaM.” That was a fun post! My Sample Works page came next. As expected, most views came from the US. Following my home country was Brazil, Russia, and the Philippines.

I have a little more commentary on Polygons and Pixels and Kor’kron 501st as well.

Thanks for visiting!

2015 blogging in review

Thanks to some reminders from WordPress and Jetpack, it seems like a good time to look at blogging in 2015. They’ve put together a report you can look at here, but I think I can find some interesting numbers myself.

WebPageless got around 4000 views this year, which is approximately what my other two blogs, Kor’kron 501st and Polygons and Pixels got as well. At this point, WebPageless is the only one I update regularly; the other two are about games, and I’m not really gaming much.

Here’s the breakdowns by year:

Year WebPagleess Kor’kron 501st Polygons & Pixels Total
2012 Unknown 5,969 N/A N/A
2013 2,949 10,181 6,858 19,988
2014 3,703 6,376 7,891 17,970
2015 3,989

I don’t know when Jetpack was installed on WebPageless, but it shows data for January 2013, so it must have been installed that month. January might be a little low depending on when it was installed in that month, but that’s early enough in the year that it seems fairly accurate. Also, 2015 is only off of 4,000 by 11 views. Maybe this post can push it over 4,000. Edit: It can!

I’ve also been tracking with eXTReMe Tracking on WebPageless since May 7, 2009. It tracks visitors, not views, and its calculations can be different than WordPress’ too. While it doesn’t give me as much data as I get from WordPress, as of writing this it gives me a total of 19,858 visitors.

I made 67 new posts here – much, much more than my other two blogs. I made 34 new posts on Kor’kron 501st and 28 new posts on Polygons & Pixels. That’s not really a surprise to me. Most of my posts on WebPageless are discussing cool things I’ve done, and I’ve done a lot of fun things this year.

I know the views on WebPageless are much lower, but they’re more important to me. Kor’kron 501st and Polygons and Pixels have a much stronger ability to get views from links or search results, but WebPageless is actively about me and my life. However, all three blogs get views from people I know personally, and that means a lot to me. WebPageless is such a chronicle of my life that I’d ask someone to save a copy of it if I died to give to my children, but, you know, no kids, so we’re all good. Thanks to Blessing of Kings for linking to Kor’kron 501st and being responsible for so many of my views, the Twisted Nether Blogcast for having me on their podcast in late 2014, and everyone following the story of bob’s game on Polygons & Pixels and commenting to keep me informed – Nox, Tubero, Anonymouse, and more. Most of all, I’m thankful and surprised when my friends reveal that they read. It’s harder to gather stats on people who click through from Facebook, but I see the likes. I’m surprised so many people read. (Well, and some people like without reading, I’m sure.) I get comments in person from people that reveal that they’ve seen the post. It’s amazing. Sometimes I find myself asking “does anyone even read this crap,” but I know they do, and I know that WebPageless is basically a journal. If you read it, it must mean you care about me. Thank you.

Excluding the home page and some more administrative-focused pages designed mostly for me, here are my top posts by views in 2015:

  1. The Scott Pilgrim Picture Show
  2. Legendary Star-Lord is Super Rad!
  3. iHOOKAH featuring Anela and Second City featuring Alex
  4. Michigan Vacation
  5. Stand up paddle boarding and the OC Night Market
  6. Coup de Comedy Festival 2015 featuring Kindred Hearts singing to gem
  7. Happy birthday, gem!
  8. Atomic Ballroom Student Showcase: Celebrate the Magic
  9. Prince Peach: Genderswapped cosplay
  10. Pan-frying Pizza Rolls with Totino’s x MBMBaM

I’m sure I’ll keep blogging in 2016, so I’ll see you then! (And full disclosure, I’m planning on another post later today here.)